Yeedi K650

Yeedi K650 – Review and Test

Yeedi K650
Yeedi K650 – Review and Test
The build quality of the Yeedi K650 vacuum robot is good and the performance is impressive. The model feels like a mixture of Deebot U2 Pro and Deebot U2.
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Low price
Suction power
Tangleless roller
Height - Gets under most things
High capacity
Not so smart (random pattern)
No virtual barrier

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum – Review and Test

The Yeedi K650 navigates according to the gyro principle. He moves in orderly lanes through the apartment and skilfully circles obstacles. Of course, laser navigation is much smarter, but in my opinion, it is completely sufficient for smaller apartments. Even in my apartment with a little more than 1050 sq feet (100 m2), the Yeedi K650 arrives everywhere and cleans all rooms.

There were only problems with my rocking chairs, where the robot partially got stuck. To be fair, it has to be said that all other robotic vacuum cleaners that I have tested so far do the same. According to the manufacturer climbing threshold is 0.71 in (1.80 cm). I found his climbing performance particularly positive because the Yeedi K650 robot vacuum robot is one of the few who manage to get onto the carpet in my living room.

The height of the vacuum robot is also positive. The low-profile design (3.1 inches) helps the Yeedi K650 to clean sofas, beds, and furniture and thus has an advantage over vacuum robots with laser towers.

Suction test

Suction test on the hard floor

We tried the Yeedi K650 on wood floors and tiles and were impressed by the suction power. This little helper has very good suction power. It maneuvered around my kitchen and left no dust.

Suction test on the carpet 

Most suction power is needed in the carpets for vacuum robots. But also the Yeedi 650 has a silicone tangle-free brush that eliminates trapped hair and sucks dirt and dust from the carpet almost perfectly.

Yeedi K650 brush design

The mobile app of the Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI

The app that is used for control is simply called “Yeedi” and is available for Android and iOS. The entire structure looks extremely similar to the Ecovacs app. Hence, the app is also very clear and easy to use. The facility itself can be set up within a few minutes. Yeedi k650 is connected to the app with the WiFi and has Alexa voice control.

In the app, you have the option of starting and stopping the vacuum robot and sending it back to the base. You also have suction power choices in the app (Adjustable suction levels: 600Pa/1200Pa/2000Pa).

Smart Features and Pet Approved Design

If you have a pet in your apartment or have an allergy the Yeedi K650 may be a good choice for you since it filtrates 99% of dust and allergens as small as 6 microns.

More functions:

The Yeedi K650 is equipped with a set of sensors to prevent falls. Also, dustbin volume is 800ml which is higher than competitors in the same price range. You can not define square restricted zones or set very individual restricted zones by “meaningfully lining up” virtual walls but you can purchase boundary strips to create a virtual boundary.

Battery: Runtimes and charging time

The robot is quiet, has 130 minutes of battery power, and cleans well even on the lowest suction setting. Of course with the full suction power of 2000Pa, the battery did not last for 130 minutes. But for everyday use in small-mid houses, the battery is quite sufficient. 

Yeedi K650 smartphone app

The scope of delivery of the Yeedi K650

In the packaging of the robot vacuum cleaner you will find the following content in addition to the vacuum robot:

  • Charging dock with power adapter ×1,
  • Side brushes ×2,
  • Tangle-free brush ×1, 
  • Bonus multi-surface brush ×1,
  • Multi-function cleaning tool ×1,
  • high-performance dustbin filter ×1,
  • Instruction manual ×1.

My conclusion on the Yeedi K650

The build quality of the Yeedi K650 vacuum robot is good and the performance is impressive. The model feels like a mixture of Deebot U2 Pro and Deebot U2. You can see that the technical data, in the app and the cleaning and navigation are also comparable.

The price on Yeedi K650 Amazon is currently just under 180 dollars, but can be purchased for $139.90 (03/2021) “Save $40 on K650” discount coupon currently.

Yeedi K650 alexa google assistant


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