Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Netgear Arlo Pro 2
Professional solution for private users
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Compatible with Alexa, Samsung SmartHome and IFTTT
HD resolution to see details
High independence, thanks to optional operation via solar panel
Requires base station
Higher price segment, as the base station is still required

Wireless full HD security camera with Alexa support

With the Arlo Pro 2, Netgear has once again improved its popular outdoor surveillance camera and optimized it for smart home use. The Arlo Pro 2 records in Full HD resolution (1080p) and can optionally be operated with electricity from a solar panel. This means that it continues to work reliably even in the event of a power failure. Besides, Netgear has made the surveillance camera Alexa-compatible to enable live video transmission on Echo Show or TV devices that are linked to a FireTV. In the review overview, the revised version of the Arlo Pro was convinced despite the proud price.

Security cam with video recording in 1080p HD

Regardless of whether you just want to keep an eye on the garden when the children are playing outside, the garage, or the house entrance – a surveillance camera is a good investment for many areas of application. As with other cams, the resolution plays a major role. Because it ensures the recording of important details that enable quick identification.

Thanks to the 1080p HD recording of the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 surveillance camera, users can see important details even when zooming into individual image areas. Overall, the cam covers a field of view of 130 degrees. Up to three activity zones can be defined in the associated Arlo app (iOS / Android).

Voice control surveillance camera with Arlo Alexa Skill

In addition to a high resolution, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 surveillance camera is now even better integrated into the smart home, because the Arlo Pro 2’s live stream can now be viewed directly on an Amazon Echo Show or another with the Fire TV Stick using the Arlo Alexa Skill connected device and controlled by voice command.

Connecting Arlo Pro 2 to voice assistant Alexa

This is how the connection between the Arlo Pro 2 and Amazon Alexa works:

  • First, make sure that the Arlo Pro 2 is turned on and online. The Arlo Pro 2 and the smartphone or tablet with the Alexa Skill must be on the same network
  • If the requirements are met, you can tell Alexa to, for example, you can use the Amazon Echo to activate the Arlo Skill; alternatively, you can simply tap the “Activate” button in the Skill Store
  • The Alexa app now links the Arlo account to the Alexa account. Simply follow the instructions
  • The Arlo Skill is ready to use. With “Alexa, show the front door camera” or “Alexa, show the front door camera image”, you can now instruct Alexa to transmit the video stream to an Echo Show or television with a connected Amazon FireTV Stick (2nd generation)

Always on guard thanks to the solar panel

The Arlo Pro 2 outdoor surveillance camera from Netgear leaves it to the user to decide how he wants to supply the outdoor cam with power. Cordless battery operation is just as possible as a power supply via a socket. Netgear offers its security-conscious customers a special extra with the Arlo solar panel. If the Arlo Pro 2 is connected to this, the batteries are charged in an environmentally friendly way using solar energy.

What is compatible with the Arlo Pro 2 outdoor security camera?

Netgear has designed its Arlo Pro 2 security camera to be sociable. The surveillance cam can therefore be connected to other smart home devices via platforms such as IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings, for example.

Conclusion: professional solution for private users

It is not for nothing that Netgear surveillance cameras are very popular. With the new Arlo Pro 2, Netgear has made its Arlo product family even more attractive. If you take the topic of security outdoors seriously, Netgear is a cleverly thought-out security system that fits well into the smart home. However, the costs for the base station must not be forgotten when planning the budget. When investing in a security system, however, the question of costs should only come second. High resolution, Alexa compatibility, two-way audio system, and optional power supply via solar panel – the weatherproof Netgear Arlo Pro 2 outdoor surveillance camera leaves almost nothing to be desired.


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