Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

Review of the Netatmo security camera with Google Assistant, Alexa & floodlights

Smart home manufacturer Netatmo is known for its weather station and networked security cameras, among other things. The WiFi outdoor surveillance camera Presence, also known as the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera, promises a completely new form of security with 4 megapixels and face recognition. With the help of the Smart Sight algorithm, the camera should be able to differentiate between people, cars, and animals – in real-time. Events within a radius of 20 m/65 ft are delivered to the user via push notification. With Google Assistant integration, Netatmo Presence can also be operated by voice command.

Camera warnings from Netatmo Presence: User makes the specifications

The Netatmo Presence outdoor camera warns the user if people, animals, or vehicles are moving in a certain area around the camera. Without a filter, this would cause a lot of notifications, which is why the manufacturer has allowed the user to make extensive customizations and set up so-called smart zones. For example, the area that the surprisingly small camera is to monitor is determined by this. The user also defines the events for which Netatmo Presence should be active and when not. For example, a passing car can be ignored.

The same goes for the neighbor who goes for a walk with his dog. The user can still see everything that Netatmo Presence has registered: The Netatmo app for smartphones, tablets, PC.

Some features of the Netatmo Presence outdoor surveillance camera

Netatmo Presence saves all videos on internal memory cards that can be exchanged. The camera is also equipped with infrared so that it can also be active at night. The device also has a floodlight and is IP66 certified (suitable for all weather conditions). The latter is activated when a certain event occurs – for example, a person approaching the house. The camera can be controlled via the in-house WLAN and in this way with the smart home couple. Also, the security camera is now compatible with the Google Assistant.

Owners of Netatmo Presence can now ask Google’s voice assistant to show recordings of the outdoor area in real-time on a Chromecast-equipped television (“Ok Google, show me the garden camera on my television”) or the floodlights from Presence with the voice command “Ok Google, turn on the lights in the garden “activate.

Users of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can also control the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera by voice command. Possible voice commands are: “Alexa, switch on the light in the garden” or “Alexa, show me the garden”. Owners of the Netatmo outdoor surveillance camera can not only observe the video transmission via smartphone, tablet or PC, but also control the floodlights.

Netatmo Presence offers more than just security

Netatmo Presence was developed as a security camera, but the device’s capabilities are much more extensive: For example, the device can be set to issue a warning when the postman comes with a package. If you turn into the driveway in the evening or at night, the floodlights illuminate the path so that you can safely get to the front door. Companies are also likely to be interested in the camera as part of market evaluations – the recordings can be linked to image recognition software, for example, and then provide detailed information about how many cars of which brands were in a certain area.

How to install the Presence external security camera in place of an outdoor light yourself

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera
Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera
The brightness of the floodlights can be adjusted
Storage of videos on microSD card possible
Selecting specific areas for alerts
External cables
MicroSD memory card easily accessible


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