Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker: The Compact Powerhouse



In the realm of portable audio, the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker stands as a testament to the fusion of size and performance. This small, yet robust speaker, clad in a sleek black design, offers a unique blend of portability and exceptional sound quality that Bose is renowned for. What sets the SoundLink Micro apart is its waterproof feature and built-in microphone, making it not only a musical companion but also a versatile gadget for various environments and uses.

The SoundLink Micro’s size belies its capabilities. Measuring just a few inches across, it easily fits into the palm of your hand or snugly into a pocket, making it the perfect travel companion for music lovers on the go. Despite its diminutive stature, this speaker delivers a sound quality that is rich, clear, and surprisingly powerful for its size. Bose has mastered the art of acoustic engineering, and it shines through in the SoundLink Micro with a balanced sound profile that caters to all genres of music.

Moreover, the durability of this speaker cannot be overstated. It is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making it an ideal choice for beach outings, camping trips, or just lounging by the pool. The waterproof feature ensures that it can survive splashes and even submersion in water, adding a layer of reliability that is often missing in portable speakers. This ruggedness is complemented by a tear-resistant strap, allowing you to attach it securely to your backpack, bike, or any other gear.

The built-in microphone is another feature that elevates the SoundLink Micro from a mere speaker to a multifunctional device. It allows for hands-free calling and access to your phone’s voice assistant, adding convenience to your daily use. This feature is particularly useful for conference calls, making the SoundLink Micro a suitable choice for professionals who require a portable yet effective speakerphone.

Design and Portability

The Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is a masterclass in compact design and functionality. Its small, square-shaped body, complete with a rubberized silicone exterior, not only gives it a sleek, modern look but also ensures durability. The speaker’s most striking feature is its portability. Weighing just a few ounces, it is incredibly lightweight, making it effortless to carry around. The design also includes a tear-resistant strap, ingeniously integrated into the speaker, allowing it to be securely attached to a variety of objects like a bike handlebar or a backpack. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts who want their music to be part of their adventure without the burden of carrying heavy equipment.

Sound Quality

Bose has long been synonymous with exceptional sound quality, and the SoundLink Micro does not disappoint in this regard. Despite its small size, the speaker delivers a powerful and clear sound, with an emphasis on balanced acoustics. The bass is surprisingly deep and punchy for a speaker of this size, and the highs are crisp without being piercing. This balance makes the SoundLink Micro versatile across various music genres, from classical to heavy metal. The passive radiators and custom-designed transducers work in harmony to produce a sound that is much larger than the speaker itself, a feat of engineering that Bose has managed to achieve time and again.

Durability and Waterproofing

The SoundLink Micro is designed for rugged use. It boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes without sustaining damage. This makes it perfect for pool parties, beach outings, and even unexpected rain. The exterior silicone material is not just for aesthetics; it provides a durable shell that protects the speaker from drops, scratches, and dents. I have personally tested its durability in various outdoor settings, and it has consistently withstood the elements, reinforcing its status as a reliable outdoor speaker.

Battery Life and Connectivity

The speaker offers up to six hours of battery life on a single charge, a respectable duration for its size. While there are speakers with longer battery life, the SoundLink Micro balances battery life with sound quality and portability. It charges via a micro USB port, which is a standard and convenient option. Connectivity-wise, the speaker utilizes Bluetooth technology and maintains a strong, stable connection up to 30 feet away from the source device. The pairing process is straightforward, and it can remember the last eight devices it was connected to, making reconnection swift and hassle-free.

Built-in Microphone and Voice Assistant Integration

One of the most useful features of the SoundLink Micro is its built-in microphone, offering clear audio quality for calls and interactions with voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. This integration transforms the speaker from a mere music playback device to a multifunctional tool. The microphone picks up voice commands accurately and makes hands-free calling a breeze. This feature is especially valuable for professionals who need to attend conference calls on the go or for users who frequently utilize voice commands for their devices.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Exceptional sound quality for its size
  • Robust, waterproof build
  • Convenient strap for easy attachment
  • Useful built-in microphone for calls


  • Limited battery life compared to larger speakers
  • Micro USB charging instead of USB-C
  • Higher price point for its category
  • No stereo pairing with another speaker
  • Limited bass output compared to larger models


The Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, in its sleek black design, is a marvel of modern audio technology. It represents a perfect harmony between size and sound, offering music enthusiasts a portable solution without compromising on audio quality. The speaker’s waterproof and rugged design makes it an all-terrain, all-weather companion, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The addition of a built-in microphone further enhances its utility, making it a versatile gadget for both leisure and work.

In comparison, products like the Bose SoundLink Mini II and the JBL Flip 5 offer similar portable experiences but with their own unique features. The SoundLink Mini II, another exceptional product from Bose, provides richer sound and a longer battery life, while the JBL Flip 5, from a different brand, stands out with its bold color options and PartyBoost feature. However, when it comes to a compact form factor combined with robust performance, the SoundLink Micro remains unmatched.

My experience with the Bose SoundLink Micro has been nothing short of spectacular. The ease of carrying it around, coupled with the quality of sound it produces, makes it an indispensable gadget in my daily life. Whether it’s for listening to music during a solo hike or amplifying a conference call, this speaker has proven its worth in versatility and reliability. Its design, functionality, and overall performance truly embody the excellence that Bose is known for in the audio equipment industry.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker: The Compact Powerhouse
The Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is a remarkable piece of technology, packing impressive sound quality and robust features into a small, portable package. It stands out in the crowded market of portable speakers with its balance of sound quality, durability, and practical design. While there are certain limitations, such as battery life and charging options, these are minor when considering the overall performance and versatility of the speaker. For those seeking a high-quality, durable, and portable audio solution, the Bose SoundLink Micro is an excellent choice. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer, a music enthusiast, or a professional on the go, this speaker is sure to meet and exceed your expectations.
Compact and lightweight design
Exceptional sound quality for its size
Robust, waterproof build
Convenient strap for easy attachment
Useful built-in microphone for calls
Limited battery life compared to larger speakers
Micro USB charging instead of USB-C
Higher price point for its category
No stereo pairing with another speaker
Limited bass output compared to larger models


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