All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock


The mini Alexa Echo Dot 4 with clock speaker is that good? With the release of the fourth generation, the design of the compact Echo Dot has become even more similar to that of the larger Echo speakers: The fourth generation of the Alexa speakers is now all spherical. In an overview of the All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock, we show what new features are still available and how big the differences are from the predecessor. Our experts also reveal how the Echo Dot 4 performed in the short test.

All-new Echo Dot (4th Gen) with clock – Design and Features

The fourth generation of the All-new Echo Dot with clock is optically new, which the entire newly introduced line-up is enjoying. Amazon is now relying on a spherical design, which also makes the Echo Dot 4 with clock a cool part of the interior. The control buttons are now more discreet and less prominent on the rear area of ​​the sphere, but they were still easy to use in the test. All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock gets hold by the interruption of the sphere, which is marked with the light ring, which provides information about the status. That one has now moved down from the upper side.

In contrast to the All-new Echo Dot 4, the All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock has an LED display that can show the time, the outside temperature, the alarm clock, and a timer. In our opinion, that was a great extra, which in our opinion complemented the display variance well.

Technically, there are hardly any differences between the Echo Dot 3 and the Echo Dot 4 with a clock. A 1.6in/41mm front-firing speaker still works inside. Nevertheless, we found the sound much more pleasant and fuller in the practical test than with the previous model. This was also the case when we paired an Echo Dot 4 with clock and an Echo Dot 4.
Of course, the compact Echo Dot 4 cannot keep up with large Alexa speakers such as Echo Studio, which we have also already tested.

Special features and functions

All-new Echo Dot with clock already has a special feature in its name: the LED display for clock, alarm clock, temperature, and timer settings. Otherwise, there are no differences to the standard version of Echo Dot 4. Thanks to the clock, the smart loudspeaker finds its place especially in the bedroom on the bedside table or in the kitchen and, with the timer function, also visually reminds of the time when the cookies or cake need to be taken out of the oven.

Like all Echo models, All-new the Echo Dot 4 with watch gives users access to thousands of skills, can control numerous compatible devices, and have Alexa tell jokes or listen to music with Alexa. Anyone afraid of spying will still find the microphone off button, with which Alexa no longer listens and only listens again after activation.

Echo Dot 4 with clockAll-new Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release)
Echo 4 with clock vs. Echo 4

Other features and functions of All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock

  • Energy-saving mode: If the Echo Dot with clock has not been used for a long period, the device automatically switches to an energy-saving mode. But only with restrictions. For example, the energy-saving mode does not work with Spotify or when the Echo Dot is connected to Bluetooth, WiFi, or ZigBee devices. In practice, smart home fans will therefore hardly be able to benefit from the energy-saving mode.
  • Voice control: Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa also moves into your own four walls with an Echo Dot and thus enables a lot of comforts. Compatible devices then listen to your word and so, for example, the lights are switched off, the music switched on or the vacuum robot automatically drives into the kitchen to do its work there.
  • Communication with friends: Thanks to the drop-in function, users can send voice messages to other Echo owners. Under certain circumstances, you can even call Alexa via Echo.

Installation and Setup of All-new Echo Dot 4 with Clock

Before installation, users must download the Alexa app (Android or iOS) and, if not already available, log in with their Amazon user data or create an Amazon account. The setup of Echo Dot 4 with clock is done in just 5 steps.

  1. Connect the Echo Dot 4 with the clock to a power source.
  2. In the Alexa app, tap on “More” at the bottom right and then tap on the “Plus” under Devices at the top.
  3. Select “Amazon Echo” under all devices and tap on Echo Dot.
  4. Follow the further instructions in the app and connect the Echo Dot 4 to the Internet.
  5. Alexa signals when the setup was successful and is then available for numerous smart functions.

What is compatible with All-new Echo Dot with clock?

Like all Echo loudspeakers and Echo Shows, the All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock can be networked with numerous Alexa-compatible devices. These include, for example, vacuum robots, but smart lighting or heating control can also be operated via Alexa and Echo Dot.

All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock in the test check

Echo Dot 4 with clock completely convinced us in the test, because of the smart gadget with almost unlimited entertainment at a good price-performance ratio. We also rate its sound significantly better than the Echo Dot 3 with a clock.

However, if you have high demands on the sound quality and like to turn your music up to the maximum, you should use an Alexa speaker with a larger sound volume.

Test conclusion on the Amazon All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock as an extension of the Echo Dot 4

The difference between the Echo Dot 3 with a clock and the Echo Dot 4 with a clock can be seen at first glance: the flat, compact shape has given way to a spherical look. The LED display as an extra and the only different function to the standard Echo Dot 4 shows not only the time but also the alarm clock and timer. It is still not possible to display texts. This would be a nice addition for short messages. However, this small imperfection does not have a negative impact on our test rating, since the most popular use is the watch. 

Last but not least, All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock offered significantly better sound quality than Echo Dot 3, even if it cannot quite keep up with the high-priced Alexa speakers. 

Echo Dot 4 with clock is a compact loudspeaker and is therefore suitable as an entry-level device among the Echo loudspeakers. Thanks to the LED display, it also works well as an alarm clock on the bedside table. In this regard, users should also enjoy the newly added snooze function, which was still missing in the predecessor. That is activated by a short touch.

All-new Echo Dot 4 with clock
Completely convinced us in the test, because of the smart gadget with almost unlimited entertainment at a good price-performance ratio.
Elegant design
Snooze function
Practical LED display
Compatible with numerous smart home devices
The energy-saving mode only works to a limited degree
Texts cannot be faded in
Slightly tinny sound at very high volume.


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