DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner Review


The DEVOAC I8 Corded Vacuum Cleaner emerges as a standout choice for households seeking a blend of power, efficiency, and user-friendliness in their cleaning arsenal. This comprehensive review delves into the DEVOAC I8, a vacuum that promises to redefine the cleaning routine of modern families with its impressive 600W motor and 23KPa suction capability. Whether it’s pet hair that’s been stubbornly clinging to your carpets or the dust hidden in the darkest corners of your home, the DEVOAC I8 is designed to tackle it all with ease.

The DEVOAC I8 is not just any corded stick vacuum cleaner; it is an entry-level powerhouse that surprises with its low-cost and high-performance ratio. Ideal for families who don’t mind the cord, this vacuum cleaner is equipped to handle daily household cleaning tasks effortlessly. At the heart of its design is a 600w motor that generates a powerful 23kpa suction, capable of capturing pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other debris, ensuring a pristine home environment.

One of the most notable features of the DEVOAC I8 is its motorized floor head brush, which is enhanced with built-in LED headlights. These headlights illuminate every nook and cranny, making hidden dust visible and easy to clean. The vacuum’s maneuverability is second to none, with a 180° swivel sideways and a 90° up and down movement, allowing for easy access to hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, the upgraded roller brush is designed to protect floors from scratches while providing a thorough cleaning on both hard floors and low-pile carpets.

The DEVOAC I8 shines with its Free Stand & Lightweight design. Its humanized Free-Standing design allows users to place the vacuum anywhere they desire, without the need for support. The lightweight nature of the vacuum makes it possible to operate with just one hand, adding to its convenience and ease of use.

This 6 in 1 Multi-function Vacuum is a versatile tool for any household. With an array of accessories, including an upgraded motorized floor brush, long crevice, and 2-in-1 brush, it quickly converts into a portable handheld vacuum or a corded stick vacuum. These accessories facilitate cleaning in hard-to-reach places, while the retractable metal tube aids in cleaning pet hair off curtains or ceilings. The inclusion of a wall mount for the vacuum not only saves space but also keeps the unit readily accessible.

At its core, the DEVOAC I8 boasts a High-Efficiency Filtration System. Utilizing 5-stage cyclone technology and high-density meshing, it captures 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns. This not only ensures that the exhaust air is cleaner but also prevents secondary air pollution, contributing to a healthier living environment. The convenience of the “One-Button Dust Dumping” design makes emptying the vacuum a breeze, further enhancing the user experience.

DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Suction & Performance

The DEVOAC I8 Corded Vacuum Cleaner’s 600W motor is a powerhouse, generating 23KPa of suction that effortlessly picks up pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other debris. This level of power ensures that users experience an unmatched cleaning performance, making it a reliable tool for maintaining a spotless home environment. Its capability to handle a wide range of debris types with ease makes it an essential appliance for families who prioritize cleanliness. The robust suction also means that the vacuum can deal with different surfaces efficiently, from hard floors to low-pile carpets, ensuring that no area is left uncleaned.

DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner

Versatile Design & Attachments

The DEVOAC I8 stands out with its 6 in 1 Multi-function capability, offering unparalleled versatility in cleaning tasks. Whether it’s converting to a portable handheld vacuum for quick clean-ups or using the corded stick option for more extensive cleaning sessions, the DEVOAC I8 adapts to your needs. The inclusion of an upgraded motorized floor brush, long crevice tool, and 2-in-1 brush makes it a comprehensive cleaning solution. These attachments are specifically designed to tackle debris in hard-to-reach places, ensuring that every corner of your home is immaculate. The retractable metal tube is a thoughtful addition, perfect for cleaning pet hair off curtains or ceilings, while the wall mount is a space-saving feature that also keeps the vacuum within easy reach.

DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner

Innovative Filtration System

The DEVOAC I8 doesn’t just clean surfaces; it purifies the air in your home. Thanks to its High-Efficiency Filtration System, featuring 5-stage cyclone technology and high-density meshing, it captures 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns. This system not only ensures that the exhaust air is cleaner but also significantly reduces secondary air pollution. The result is a cleaner, healthier living environment for your family. Moreover, the “One-Button Dust Dumping” design simplifies the emptying process, making maintenance a breeze and ensuring the vacuum is always ready for its next use.

DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner


  • Powerful 23KPa suction
  • Versatile 6 in 1 design
  • Comprehensive accessory set
  • Advanced filtration system
  • Easy-to-empty dustbin


  • Corded design may limit mobility
  • May be less effective on high-pile carpets
  • Requires storage space for accessories
  • Wall mount installation needed
  • Heavier than some handheld models


The DEVOAC I8 Corded Vacuum Cleaner stands out as an exemplary model that combines power, versatility, and convenience in one compact package. It is particularly suitable for families looking for an effective solution to their cleaning needs without breaking the bank. With its powerful suction, versatile attachments, and efficient filtration system, the DEVOAC I8 ensures a thorough clean, making it an invaluable asset for any household.

For those considering alternatives, products such as BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES+ and PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner might also be worth exploring, although the DEVOAC I8’s unique blend of features sets it apart. Ultimately, the DEVOAC I8 is a testament to the fact that high performance and ease of use can come in an affordable, user-friendly package, making it a highly recommended choice for those in search of an efficient cleaning companion.

DEVOAC I8 Vacuum Cleaner


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