Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot Review


In the fast-paced world we live in, finding efficient ways to keep our homes clean and pet-friendly has become a priority for many. The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot, a 2-in-1 wet mop and dry robot vacuum, emerges as a game-changer in the realm of home cleanliness. This innovative device not only promises to make your cleaning routine effortless but also supports a noble cause with every purchase. Let’s delve deeper into what makes the Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot 3347 a must-have for pet owners and cleanliness enthusiasts alike.

The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot stands out with its two-tank cleaning system, allowing it to powerfully vacuum or actively mop your floors. Whether you’re dealing with pet hair on carpets or spilled juice on hard floors, this robot is equipped to handle it all. Its Lithium Ion battery offers an impressive run time of up to 130 minutes on hard floors in low mode, ensuring that your home can be cleaned thoroughly in a single session. Furthermore, it recharges in just 4-5 hours, making it ready for the next cleaning cycle without long waits.

One of the most compelling features of the Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot is its support for the BISSELL Pet Foundation. With every purchase, you’re contributing to the mission of saving homeless pets, making this an investment that feels good not only for your home but for your heart as well. This initiative reflects Bissell’s commitment to pet welfare and adds an altruistic dimension to your purchase.

The device’s dry cleaning mode is powered by a Triple Action Cleaning System. This system uses dual spinning edge brushes, a rotating brush roll, and powerful suction with up to 1500 Pa to clean debris on carpet and hard surfaces. Whether it’s pet hair, dust, or crumbs, the SpinWave Pet Robot ensures your floors are spotless. For those preferring a wet clean, the rotating mop pads actively scrub and clean floors, including wood, tile, linoleum, and other sealed hard surfaces, leaving them shiny and free from stains and spills.

What sets the Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot apart from other cleaning robots is its WiFi connectivity and structured navigation. This technology allows you to control and monitor your cleaning from anywhere, ensuring that your home is cleaned according to your preferences and schedule. The structured navigation ensures that the robot covers every inch of your floor, avoiding obstacles and efficiently cleaning in a systematic pattern.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot

Advanced Cleaning Technology

The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot 3347 epitomizes the evolution of home cleaning technology. With its advanced 2-in-1 functionality, this robot vacuum transcends traditional cleaning methods by offering both wet mopping and dry vacuuming capabilities. This adaptability ensures that whether your home requires a quick dusting or a deep scrub, the device is equipped to handle it seamlessly. The rotating mop pads are a standout feature, designed to tackle tough stains on various hard floors such as wood, tile, and linoleum, leaving them spotlessly clean.

Meanwhile, the dry cleaning mode’s Triple Action Cleaning System, featuring dual spinning edge brushes and a rotating brush roll, ensures effective debris removal from carpets and hard surfaces alike. This sophisticated technology makes the Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot a versatile and indispensable tool for modern homeowners.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot

Battery Life and Efficiency

Longevity and efficiency are crucial for the practicality of any robot vacuum. The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot impresses with a Lithium Ion battery that provides an extensive run time of up to 130 minutes on hard floors in low mode. This longevity allows for comprehensive cleaning sessions covering large areas without the need for frequent recharging. When the battery does run low, the device conveniently recharges in just 4-5 hours, ensuring it’s ready for action when you need it. This blend of efficiency and convenience underscores the device’s design philosophy, focusing on minimizing hassle and maximizing cleaning effectiveness for the user.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot

Connectivity and User Experience

In today’s connected world, the ability to integrate technology into our daily lives seamlessly is more important than ever. The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot leverages WiFi connectivity and structured navigation to enhance the user experience. This feature allows users to control their robot vacuum remotely, adjusting settings and schedules through a smartphone app. Whether you’re away from home or simply prefer the convenience of hands-off operation, this connectivity ensures your cleaning needs are met with precision and ease. The structured navigation system further ensures that every corner of your home is reached, avoiding obstacles and optimizing cleaning paths for efficient and thorough coverage.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot

Supporting a Cause

The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot doesn’t just clean your home; it also contributes to a greater cause. Every purchase supports the BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets. This philanthropic aspect adds a layer of value to the product, allowing users to contribute to animal welfare with their purchase. It’s a testament to Bissell’s commitment to making a difference in the community, turning an everyday cleaning task into an opportunity to support a noble cause.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot


The Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot is not just a cleaning device; it’s a smart, efficient, and heartwarming solution to keeping your home clean while supporting a cause close to many of our hearts. Its dual-functionality as a wet mop and dry vacuum, coupled with advanced navigation and connectivity features, makes it a standout product in the market. Whether you’re a busy professional, a pet owner, or someone who values cleanliness and convenience, the Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot is a worthy investment.

As you consider adding this robot to your home cleaning arsenal, also explore similar innovative products like iRobot Roomba 694 and eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX, which also offer unique features for maintaining a clean and welcoming home environment.

Bissell SpinWave Pet Robot


  • Dual functionality for wet mopping and dry vacuuming
  • Long battery life of up to 130 minutes
  • Fast recharge time of 4-5 hours
  • WiFi connectivity for remote control
  • Supports BISSELL Pet Foundation


  • May require supervision around thick carpets
  • Limited to sealed hard floors for mopping
  • Initial investment higher than basic models
  • Requires regular maintenance of mop pads and filters
  • Navigation can be improved around complex obstacles


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