BISSELL CleanView XR Pet Vacuum Review: A Powerful Ally for Pet Owners


In an era where pet ownership is more popular than ever, the need for effective cleaning solutions has become paramount for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment. The BISSELL CleanView XR Pet 300w Lightweight Cordless Vacuum emerges as a beacon of hope for pet owners wrestling with the challenge of pet hair and allergens. This review delves into the capabilities, design, and performance of the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet, a vacuum cleaner designed with pet owners in mind.

The BISSELL CleanView XR Pet is not just any vacuum cleaner. It’s a statement of support for the BISSELL Pet Foundation’s mission to save homeless pets, with every purchase contributing to this noble cause. This connection adds a layer of social responsibility to its purchase, making it an investment not just in home cleanliness, but in the welfare of animals in need.

One of the standout features of this vacuum is its powerful motor, which boasts 60% more power than the Shark IX141, ensuring that no pet hair or debris stands a chance. The vacuum’s versatility is further enhanced by its 8 to 40 minutes of cordless cleaning time, allowing for uninterrupted cleaning sessions without the need for constant recharging. Whether it’s a quick spill in the kitchen or a full-house cleanup, the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet is ready for action.

The inclusion of a Deep Cleaning Furbrush is a testament to BISSELL’s understanding of pet owners’ needs. This tool is specifically designed to tackle pet hair on upholstery, stairs, cars, and more, ensuring that your living spaces remain free of pet-related debris. The vacuum’s 3-in-1 capabilities extend its functionality, allowing it to transform seamlessly from a stick vacuum to a handheld or high-reach vacuum, making it a versatile tool for any cleaning scenario.

Furthermore, the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet addresses a common pet owner’s headache: tangled hair in the brush roll. Its Tangle-Free Brush Roll is designed to cut through hair without causing blockages, ensuring smooth operation and reducing maintenance time. The vacuum also features the SmartSeal Allergen System, which traps dust and allergens, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitivities.

For convenience, the vacuum includes a wall mount with flexible charging options, allowing for easy storage and charging. The addition of specialty tools such as the Dusting Brush, Bristle Brush, and Crevice Tool expands its cleaning capabilities, making it a comprehensive cleaning solution for pet owners.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet

Powerful Motor and Cordless Convenience

The BISSELL CleanView XR Pet stands out for its remarkable motor power, surpassing the Shark IX141 by 60%. This increased power translates into a more effective clean, especially for pet owners who need to tackle stubborn pet hair and debris. The cordless design, supported by a removable 24V MAX lithium-ion battery, offers up to 40 minutes of runtime. This flexibility allows users to clean their entire home without worrying about finding an outlet, making it a game-changer in convenience and efficiency.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet

Deep Cleaning Furbrush and Tangle-Free Brush Roll

Designed with pet owners in mind, the Deep Cleaning Furbrush is a key feature that sets the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet apart. It excels in picking up pet hair from a variety of surfaces, including upholstery, stairs, and even cars. The Tangle-Free Brush Roll is another innovative feature, ensuring that long hair doesn’t get wrapped around the brush, a common and frustrating issue with many vacuums. This design choice not only enhances cleaning efficiency but also reduces maintenance time significantly.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet

SmartSeal Allergen System and LED Lights

The inclusion of the SmartSeal Allergen System in the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet is a thoughtful addition for households concerned about air quality. This system traps dust and allergens, preventing them from being released back into the air. Moreover, the vacuum is equipped with LED lights, improving visibility in dimly lit areas and ensuring that no speck of dust or pet hair is missed during cleaning sessions.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet

Versatility with 3-in-1 Capabilities and Speciality Tools

The 3-in-1 capabilities of the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet enhance its versatility, allowing it to easily transform from a stick vacuum into a handheld or high-reach vacuum. This adaptability is further complemented by the inclusion of specialty tools like the Dusting Brush, Bristle Brush, and Crevice Tool, designed for above-floor cleaning and reaching tight spaces. Whether it’s cleaning curtains, shelves, or corners, these tools ensure that every part of the home is immaculately clean.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet


The BISSELL CleanView XR Pet is a powerful, versatile, and socially responsible vacuum cleaner that addresses the specific needs of pet owners. Its superior suction power, combined with the Deep Cleaning Furbrush and Tangle-Free Brush Roll, make it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain a clean and allergen-free home. Additionally, its support for the BISSELL Pet Foundation adds a layer of social impact to your purchase, making it a meaningful investment for pet lovers.

While the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet stands out on its own, it’s worth comparing it with other products in the market, such as the Tineco iFLOOR 3 Breeze and the Shark IX141 Pet, to ensure you’re making the best decision for your home and pets. Both alternatives offer unique features and benefits, but the BISSELL CleanView XR Pet’s combination of power, versatility, and social responsibility sets it apart as a top contender in the world of pet-oriented vacuum cleaners.

BISSELL CleanView XR Pet


  • 60% more powerful motor
  • Up to 40 minutes of cordless cleaning
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll
  • SmartSeal Allergen System
  • Versatile 3-in1 design


  • Limited battery life in turbo mode
  • Initial investment cost
  • Weight distribution in handheld mode
  • Storage space for accessories


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