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Apple AirTag – First Look and Review

Apple has introduced its first GPS tracker: AirTag

iPhone owners have been able to find their AirPods via the “Find My” app if they have lost them. Apple introduced the first Apple AirTags GPS tracker at its event. The AirTags help users to easily find non-digital belongings, such as their keys or a bag. In our AirTag look, we check out what Apple fans can expect from the trackers.

Apple introduced the first AirTags GPS tracker at its event. The AirTags help users to easily find non-digital belongings, such as their keys or a bag. In our AirTag look, we check out what Apple fans can expect from the trackers.

New Apple AirTag Replaceable battery lasts over a year

Apple AirTag GPS Tracker Review

You forgot your backpack on the train or you have to go shopping soon, but you can’t find your keys in your apartment? Thanks to the AirTags GPS tracker, no one has to spend a long time searching to find anything. During the Apple event, the famous technology experts have now announced their tracking tool. In the “Find My?” App, the locations of the AirTags can be seen and users will then always know where which item is. The advantage is that secret tracking is not possible, since iPhones are designed to recognize “foreign” AirTags. And if this happens, an alarm is raised.

AirTags GPS trackers are suitable for owners who already in the Apple ecosystem. Because an Apple ID is required for the application and an Apple device, such as an iPhone.

Design and features of the New Apple AirTag

The AirTag is quite small because the round, button-shaped GPS tracker only has a diameter of under 1.26 inches (32 mm.) and is only 0.31 inches (8 mm) thin. The trackers look like classic buttons, with the front being white and the back silver. If desired, the white front and back can be personalized with a smiley-face emoji when ordering from the official Apple store. Apple offers key, bag, or backpack tags as accessories so that the AirTags can also be converted into fashionable items.

New Apple AirTag Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag

If you prefer things more discreet: weighing only 0.39 ounces (11 grams), the GPS tracker is hardly noticeable in your pocket, backpack, or key – neither visually nor in terms of weight. The New Apple AirTag is powered by a user-replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery. The California-based company guarantees that the small trackers consume so little power that one battery charge should last up to a year.

Apple AirTag Functions

If you already have Apple AirPods, you will already know the advantages of the iCloud-based “Find My” app. Thanks to it, users always know where their AirPods are. The advantage: You no longer have to search for them yourself, which usually takes a long time. With a quick check on your iPhone, you can see that the earbuds have been forgotten at a friend’s house or are nearby: For example, still in the jacket pocket while you are already sitting comfortably on the couch at home. AirTags also play a sound so that a simple look under the sofa can reveal that the wallet is there.

Other special features of the Apple AirTag GPS tracker


When tracking objects, Apple’s AirTags not only rely on Bluetooth but also have a high search range through the “Find My” Network, meaning other Apple devices that can locate the AirTag through iCloud-based tracking. But users need not be afraid, Apple focuses on security, as the data is encrypted. Only AirTag owners can see where their devices are located.

New Apple AirTag Keep track of and find your items

No unauthorized tracking

No one can track people with AirTags without permission, because if someone hides a foreign AirTag in their jacket pocket, it is detected by the iPhone and informs tracked users via a message on their smartphone. Also, the AirTag starts a sound if it is not found quickly. But false alarms, for example in a bus with many AirTag users, are not possible, since “foreign AirTags” only ” alarm” when the trackers are no longer close to their actual owners.


The AirTag is waterproof (IP 67) and still ensures tracking if, for example, the key connected to it has been lost on a sidewalk and it starts to rain heavily. This is useful because it ensures that the tracking device can be safely trusted even when it is used outdoors.

Lost mode

If users can no longer find their AirTag, they can set it to lost mode. Then they will be notified when it is back in range. It is also useful for those who want to have their contact details stored, and honest finders can access them.

New Apple AirTag Location data and history are never stored on AirTag

Setup of the Apple AirTag GPS Tracker

Setting up AirTags is easy and can be done in just two steps:

  • Place AirTag near iPhone and it will be detected automatically.
  • Give the AirTag a name according to the object to which the GPS tracker will be attached. For example, “keys”, “backpack” or ” ski jacket”.

Prices and availability of Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags is already available for pre-order and will be available starting April 30. They are available in single packs for 29 dollars and four packs for 99 dollars.


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