Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker

ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speakers in the test overview

With Anker Soundcore Mini; have audiobooks read aloud in the car, listen to live sport streams in the hobby basement, or enjoy music on the beach. The ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker makes it possible and can be stored in any backpack or handbag. The long battery life and the good sound make the mini speaker the perfect companion, as our review overview shows. 

Anker Soundcore Mini Car

ANKER Soundcore Mini in the test overview – connections and design of the Bluetooth box

ANKER Soundocre Mini comes in the typical cylinder design and fits in one hand. The buttons are elegantly arranged. Well done: The buttons for volume and playback are attached along the length of the body and at a distance from the other control buttons. This means that the box can also be operated without light at night without the user accidentally interrupting the Bluetooth connection. A blue status LED on the bottom provides information about the operating status of the device.

Anker Soundcore Mini Controls

On the opposite side of the volume buttons on the bottom of the Bluetooth box are the buttons for pairing mode, as well as the on/off button and the AUX input. The latter can also be used to connect older playback devices such as a radio or walkman to the ANKER Soundcore Mini. Also, the integration of a microSD card slot was considered, even if this is rarely used in times of music streaming services such as Amazon Music Unlimited.

ANKER Soundcore Mini – Sound and special features of the Bluetooth speaker

Compared to other mini Bluetooth speakers, ANKER Soundcore Mini offers a variety of special features that one would expect from higher-priced models. That starts with the long playback time of up to 15 hours. The value also depends on the environment in which the device is used. The colder, the faster the battery drains, and the higher the volume, the greater the power consumption. A 1,800 mAh battery works inside, which is considerable for the size of the mini Bluetooth speaker since most of the space is required for the driver and other sound elements. ANKER can fall back on the experience with its power banks and incorporate it into its Soundcore products.

Anker Soundcore Mini Bass

The sound itself is worth listening to and exceeds the expectations of a mini Bluetooth speaker. Of course, you don’t get an ultra-bass, but the mids and highs are well emphasized. As with all mini Bluetooth speakers, the following also applies to the ANKER Soundcore Mini: The box shows its full potential from a medium volume. Then the bass also fits into the sound. Of course, not only music can be streamed to the mini Bluetooth box. For example, if you need an inexpensive speaker for the hobby basement or garage, you can also listen to the sports games live.

Installation and setup of the ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker

The installation of the ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker is easy. Only 3 steps are necessary to make the mini-box sound:

  1. Activate the Bluetooth function on the smartphone
  2. Press the pairing button on the ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker
  3. Activate the “Search for new Bluetooth devices” function on the smartphone and select ANKER Soundcore Mini in the device list

Mini Bluetooth speaker JBL Clip 3 – The alternative to ANKER Soundcore Mini

The mini Bluetooth speaker JBL Clip 3 proves to be a bit sportier and with an integrated carabiner. Although this cannot keep up with the ANKER Soundcore Mini in terms of equipment, it has IP protection class IPX7 and can therefore also tolerate brief immersion underwater. However, the outdoor qualities have their price: at just under 50 dollars, JBL Clip 3 is around twice as expensive as ANKER Soundcore Mini.

Conclusion on the ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker in the test overview

ANKER often surprises with its Soundcore products with above-average quality and low prices. The ANKER Soundcore Mini Bluetooth speaker is no exception. Of course, you shouldn’t compare the “mini” speaker with a full-fledged 2-way box (you can read our review for Anker Soundcore 2), but the sound surprises with a volume that you wouldn’t expect when looking at the Bluetooth box.

Anker Soundcore Mini Portable

Anyone looking for a lot of sound quality at a low price has come to the right place with the ANKER Soundcore Mini. For just under 25 dollars, those interested can get a Bluetooth speaker that leaves almost nothing to be desired. Ultimately, only the lack of water resistance can be criticized. But we didn’t expect this for the low price either.

Anker Soundcore Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Anker Soundcore Mini Review
Anyone looking for a lot of sound quality at a low price has come to the right place with the ANKER Soundcore Mini.
AUX for connecting to other audio sources
Micro SD card slot for playing your own songs from the memory card
Good sound for the compact size
Affordable price
Not waterproof

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