ZUMIMALL Security Camera Review: Advanced Surveillance for Your Safety


In the age of smart homes and heightened security concerns, the ZUMIMALL Security Camera emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability for homeowners seeking comprehensive surveillance solutions. This review delves into the ZUMIMALL Security Camera, a cutting-edge device designed for outdoor use, boasting a wireless, battery-powered operation that integrates seamlessly with home WiFi networks. With its 360° PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) capabilities, 2K/3MP color night vision, and a plethora of smart features, this camera promises not only to monitor but also to enhance the security of your property.

The ZUMIMALL Security Camera is distinguished by its wireless outdoor WiFi connectivity, powered by a newly engineered rechargeable battery. This advancement addresses the common issue of battery life in outdoor security cameras, offering 3-8 months of uninterrupted use, thereby setting a new benchmark for operational efficiency in sunless areas. Furthermore, its compatibility with 2.4G WiFi networks ensures a broader and more reliable connection, albeit without support for 5GHz WiFi, which might be a drawback for some setups.

One of the camera’s standout features is its AI Detection & Real-time Alerts system. Leveraging the latest AI algorithms and a PIR sensor, it can discern between persons, pets, vehicles, and parcels. This intelligent differentiation minimizes false alarms and allows for customizable alert plans and sensitivity settings. Upon detecting motion, the camera promptly notifies the user via the mobile app, storing the video or image in either SD card or cloud storage. This feature ensures that users capture and respond to relevant incidents with unprecedented accuracy.

Moreover, the ZUMIMALL Security Camera facilitates 2-way audio communication, allowing users to interact with visitors, couriers, or even pets from afar. The customization of detection areas and the ability to share access with other users through the ZUMIMALL App enhance its versatility, making it not just a surveillance tool but also a means of communication and social interaction.

The durability of the ZUMIMALL Camera is underscored by its IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring it remains operational in diverse weather conditions, from -4°F to 120°F (-20°C to 50°C). This robustness, coupled with the camera’s wide applicability across various settings such as yards, garages, and shops, underscores its value as a versatile and reliable security solution.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera

Enhanced 360° Surveillance

The ZUMIMALL Security Camera’s 360° View Pan/Tilt & 2K/3MP Color Night Vision feature revolutionizes property surveillance, offering homeowners an unprecedented level of control and coverage. With the ability to rotate 355° horizontally and 120° vertically, this camera ensures no corner is left unwatched. Its integration with the ZUMIMALL App allows for remote monitoring, providing a seamless, all-round view of your property. The 3MP FHD resolution and 4X digital zoom capability deliver crystal-clear images and videos, even at night, thanks to its infrared LEDs. This camera’s wide-angle view and high-resolution imaging make it an indispensable tool for those seeking comprehensive security solutions.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera

Uninterrupted Operation with Rechargeable Battery

The Newly Rechargeable Battery & 100% Wireless & 2.4G WiFi feature addresses a common concern among outdoor camera users: battery life. The ZUMIMALL Security Camera’s updated rechargeable battery model offers 3-8 months of use without interruption, ideal for areas without constant sunlight. Its ability to connect to 2.4G WiFi networks from a distance, thanks to a 4dBi antenna, ensures reliable and extended coverage. This feature underscores the camera’s appeal to users seeking a blend of convenience and performance in their surveillance systems.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera

Intelligent Monitoring with AI Detection

AI Detection & Real-time Alerts bring smart technology to the forefront of home security. By employing the latest AI algorithms and a PIR sensor, the ZUMIMALL Security Camera can differentiate between various moving objects, reducing false alarms and focusing on genuine threats. This capability, combined with customizable alert plans, enhances the user’s ability to monitor their property effectively. Real-time notifications and the option for cloud or SD card storage ensure that important footage is captured and accessible whenever it’s needed.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera

Seamless Communication and Sharing

The 2-way Audio & Custom Area & Multi-user Sharing functionality transforms the ZUMIMALL Security Camera from a simple surveillance device into a comprehensive communication tool. Users can speak directly to visitors, children, or pets at home, fostering a sense of connection even when away. The ability to define custom detection zones and share camera access with other users enhances the camera’s flexibility and user experience. This feature is particularly useful for families and shared spaces, where communication and security go hand in hand.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera

Durability and Versatility

IP66 Waterproof & Wide Applicability ensures that the ZUMIMALL Security Camera is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, from torrential rains to scorching heat, without compromising its functionality. This durability, combined with the camera’s versatility in placement options, makes it an excellent choice for securing various parts of a property, including outdoor areas, garages, and shops. The ease of adding multiple cameras to the system via one app enhances the user’s ability to create a comprehensive security network tailored to their needs.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera


The ZUMIMALL Security Camera sets a new standard for outdoor surveillance with its innovative features and robust performance. Its 360° PTZ capabilities, coupled with 2K/3MP color night vision, ensure comprehensive coverage and clear imagery, day and night. The integration of AI Detection and real-time alerts keeps you informed and in control, while its waterproof design guarantees reliability in any weather. While the absence of 5GHz WiFi support might be a limitation for some, the overall functionality and ease of use make the ZUMIMALL Camera a worthy investment for securing your home.

Considering alternatives such as Blink Mini and VIRTAVO Security Camera can provide additional perspectives, but the ZUMIMALL stands out for its innovative approach to home security. Incorporating this camera into your home security setup not only enhances your ability to monitor your property but also offers peace of mind, knowing that your home is guarded by one of the most advanced cameras on the market.

ZUMIMALL Security Camera


  • Comprehensive 360° monitoring
  • Long battery life and wireless operation
  • Advanced AI detection minimizes false alarms
  • 2-way audio for communication
  • Durable and weather-resistant design


  • Does not support 5GHz WiFi
  • Limited zoom capability compared to some competitors
  • Initial setup may require some technical knowledge
  • Subscription may be needed for cloud storage
  • Limited integration with third-party smart home systems


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