XUPERMASK Smart Mask Active Noice Cancelling Earbuds

Xupermask – Smart mask from will.i.am

Xupermask – Smart mask with active noise cancelling earbuds

The smart mask, which has both a earphone and a different design, is signed by the singer will.i.am and is called Xupermask. Since the beginning of last year, we have come across many mask designs.

Many brands, from Xiaomi’s smart mask design to Razer, who we know with their gaming devices, have introduced their different masks. And now will.i.am, who is one of the most recognizable names in the music world, comes up with a smart mask design that integrates an active noise-canceling earbuds.

Will.i.am’s smart mask is called Xupermask

The famous singer has already come across us with many technological designs, but these products were not very popular. This time, will.i.am has presented a mask with a different design. The mask, which has a smart function, also includes a earbuds that allows you to listen to music, and you are protected because it has a HEPA filter.

By the way, the mask called Xupermask was designed by Jose I. Fernandez and will.i.am in partnership with Honeywell. The earbuds, which is integrated into the mask, has Bluetooth 5.0 technology in addition to the ANC function. This particular mask will not go on sale around the world, as it will be available in North America and Europe on April 8 in black and white. The mask will have a price tag of $299.


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