Illuminate Your Security: A Comprehensive Review of the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro


In an era where home security has become paramount, the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro stands out as a beacon of innovation and reliability. This cutting-edge security device integrates high-intensity lighting with advanced surveillance technology, offering homeowners peace of mind through enhanced visibility and protection. With features like 3000-lumen LEDs, a 180° wide panoramic view, 2K HD outdoor security camera, and smart motion detection, this floodlight camera promises to transform the way you safeguard your home. In this detailed review, we delve into the myriad of features that make the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro a must-have for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home surveillance system.

At the heart of the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro’s design is its 180° Panoramic Camera View. This wide field-of-view ensures complete property coverage, leaving no corner unseen. Whether you’re monitoring your front yard, backyard, or the perimeter of your property, this camera offers a comprehensive view without any delays or blind spots. The device’s 2K HD Resolution with Color Night Vision further enhances its surveillance capabilities, allowing you to capture and stream video in stunning clarity, even in the dead of night.

One of the most notable features of the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro is its ability to transform night into day with three adjustable light panels. These super-bright 3000-lumen LED floodlights are motion-activated, ensuring that intruders are deterred and every detail is captured in full color, even in the darkest conditions. The Smart Motion-Activated Light Control employs advanced AI computer vision for precise motion detection, activating lights based on selected AI motion types like people and vehicles, and sending instant notifications to your phone.

The Customizable Motion Zones feature allows homeowners to fine-tune the areas they wish to focus on for motion-activated light and event recording. This level of customization ensures that you’re alerted to the movements that matter most to you. Furthermore, the Motion-Activated Voice Alert and Loud Siren are designed to automatically activate upon detecting human motion. The Hi, you are currently being recorded voice alert, coupled with a built-in 105 dB siren, serves as a powerful deterrent to unwanted visitors.

An additional feature that sets the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro apart is its Ambient Light Mode. This mode provides constant ambient light until motion is detected, at which point it automatically switches to increased brightness. For those concerned about missing critical moments, the 24/7 Local Recording with MicroSD Card offers a solution. With the capability to store up to 30 days of footage, you can ensure that every significant event is captured and stored locally.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro

180° Panoramic Camera View: Expansive Security Coverage

The 180° Panoramic Camera View is a game-changer for home security, offering an unmatched field-of-view that ensures comprehensive property coverage. This wide-angle capability allows homeowners to see everything in an instant, effectively eliminating blind spots and delays that are common with narrower lenses. The ability to monitor an extensive area with a single device simplifies your home security setup, providing peace of mind that every corner of your property is under watchful surveillance. Whether day or night, the panoramic view ensures that you’re not missing any crucial details, making the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro an essential tool for those serious about securing their home.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro

2K HD Resolution with Color Night Vision: Clarity in Every Detail

The WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro’s 2K HD resolution with Color Night Vision represents a significant leap forward in outdoor surveillance technology. This feature ensures that the video captured is not only high in detail during the day but also vibrant and clear at night. The color night vision technology allows for the capture of vivid, full-color video even in low-light conditions, making it easier to identify individuals, vehicles, or other important details that would be missed with standard night vision. This clarity is particularly crucial in event analysis and can be the difference between identifying a potential threat and a false alarm.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro

Smart Motion-Activated Light Control: A Bright Approach to Security

The Smart Motion-Activated Light Control utilizes advanced AI computer vision to provide a responsive security solution. By detecting motion based on AI-selected types such as people and vehicles, the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro intelligently activates its 3000-lumen LED lights to deter potential intruders while capturing clear, full-color details. This proactive approach not only enhances the camera’s recording capabilities in low-light conditions but also serves as a powerful deterrent, making would-be intruders think twice before approaching your property.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro

Customizable Motion Zones: Tailored Security Alerts

Customizable Motion Zones are a standout feature of the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro, offering users the ability to specify exactly which areas of their property they want to monitor for activity. This customization ensures that homeowners receive alerts that are relevant to their security needs, reducing the likelihood of false alarms and unnecessary notifications. By focusing on key areas, users can streamline their surveillance efforts, ensuring they are always informed about the movements that matter most.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro

Motion-Activated Voice Alert + Loud Siren: The Ultimate Deterrent

Combining a motion-activated voice alert with a 105 dB siren, the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro takes a proactive stance in deterring unwanted visitors. Upon detecting human motion, the device issues a clear warning that recording is in progress, backed by a powerful siren to escalate the deterrent effect. This feature not only alerts the homeowner of a potential intrusion but also makes it clear to the intruder that they are being monitored, serving as a strong deterrent to trespassing and theft.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro


  • Expansive 180° field-of-view
  • High-definition 2K video with color night vision
  • Intelligent motion-activated lighting
  • Customizable surveillance zones
  • Powerful siren and voice alerts


  • Requires wired installation
  • May need frequent adjustments for optimal positioning
  • High initial setup complexity
  • Siren volume may be too loud for some residential areas
  • Dependent on Wi-Fi for full functionality


The WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro is not just a floodlight or a camera; it’s a comprehensive security solution that integrates advanced lighting and surveillance technology. With its wide array of features, from the 3000-lumen LEDs to the 2K HD resolution with color night vision, this device offers unparalleled security coverage. Whether you’re looking to deter intruders with motion-activated lights and sirens or capture every detail with high-definition video, the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro has you covered.

Considering alternatives such as Google indoor Nest – 2nd Generation or Ring Stick Up Cam may provide different features, but for those seeking a blend of illumination and surveillance, the WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro is a standout choice. Enhance your home security setup with this cutting-edge device and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is well-protected.

WYZE Floodlight Camera Pro


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