Pet hair solutions

What to do about pet hair in the apartment?

5 Tips & Tricks

Pets can be a fun addition to everyday life. They bring life into the house and are often loyal companions. However, one disadvantage is pet hair – unless you keep a naked cat. But what to do about pet hair in the home?

In this article, we show you the best tips to get rid of pet hair quickly!

What to do about pet hair in the apartment?

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Thanks to automatic robot vacuums, vacuuming is less work than ever these days. While the first robot vacuums could only do a few things and were not very intelligent, the current generation can do much more.

For example, there are now robot vacuums made that are specifically for pet hair.

Most of them have a HEPA filter. This is particularly well suited for allergy sufferers and pet hair.

HEPA stands for a particularly efficient air filter (“High-Efficiency Particulate Airfilter”).

Intelligent robot vacuums also recognize the room, the different surfaces, such as carpets or other types of floors, and also have a particularly powerful cleaning.

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2. Floor vacuum cleaner with a pet hair attachment

If you don’t trust cleaning robots, we have good news for you: there are attachments especially for pet hair – for normal vacuum cleaners. These attachments are especially suitable if several pets, for example, dogs or cats, live in one household.

The attachments are simply placed on a normal vacuum cleaner tube. There are different variants of these products, usually, it is a kind of special fabric attachment, where animal hair is particularly well pulled out of cushions, carpets, or other such items.

Pet hair solutions

3. Air clothes before washing

If you put your clothes in the dryer before washing and activate the ventilation program, the pet hair will be removed from the clothes, which can only be done smoothly if the clothes are as dry as possible. This only works until the hairs have not yet completely matted together.

The animal hair simply gets stuck in the filter in the dryer and can then be disposed of with the other waste. Ideally, a large proportion of the pet hair has now already been removed and the clothes can be washed with a clear conscience.

4. Washing machine with pet hair function

If you have had enough of wet rubber gloves, lint brushes, and discarded nylon stockings (all of which are great for removing pet hair from all kinds of materials), then a washing machine with pet hair function might be something for you.

This has a selectable animal hair function, which pulls animal hair from the clothes much better than other washing machines.

It is important here to fill the washing machine only to about two-thirds so that the animal hair can be washed out better. When the washing cycle is finished and the interior of the washing machine has dried for a while, it should be vacuumed out to remove any pet hair that is still present but has not been washed out.

If you often wash clothes that contain a lot of pet hair, you should also disinfect your washing machine to give bacteria and fungi no chance.

Alternatively, you can also put a “lint catcher” in the washing drum and then wash as normal. The pet hair will get caught in this lint trap and you will have much less pet hair on your clothes or on the lint filter of your washing machine.

Pet hair solutions

Just remember to clean these little helpers properly after each wash cycle!

5. What to do against animal hair in the apartment? Heat pump dryer

Heat pump dryers are considered the hit against pet hair! They have only very low energy consumption and dry the laundry particularly gently.

As the name heat pump suggests, the laundry is heated up once and cooled down again. The heat that escapes during cooling is stored and used again for the next heating.

This means that very little electricity is consumed. At the same time, modern heat pump dryers have a self-cleaning function. This flushes the pipes several times, removing hair and similar materials from the lines.


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