Best Workout Apps

The Best Workout Apps – 2021

The Best Workout Apps – 2021

The best workout apps are your personal coaching to protect both your health and fitness. During the pandemic, most people stopped exercising regularly and gained weight. Weight gain has become a fundamental problem for most of us during the pandemic, as we are unable to exercise regularly and find it difficult to take 10.000 steps a day.

Best Workout Apps

Now these days with restrictions being lifted so that we can lose the weight we gained during the pandemic and the weather getting warmer, increasing our frequency of exercise, especially walking in the fresh air as much as possible, and exercising regularly will lead to an improvement in our overall health.

Whether you want to build muscle, get fitter or lose weight; my recommendations for the best workout apps to lose weight, stay fit, look fitter can strengthen you.

Best Workout Apps

Below you can find workout apps that serve as your personal coach to protect your health and fitness.


There are more than 350 exercises in the application where you can calculate calories for more than 3,000,000 food groups, including foods and cuisines worldwide. In the application where you can enter specific goals in your diet profile, create diet and exercise groups with your friends, the reports and charts necessary for your motivation have not been forgotten.

The application, which can integrate with heart rate monitor, smartwatch, and other household devices connected to the Internet, is available for free for both Android and iOS users.

Download: iOS / Android

The Super Mom Workout

I think moms with kids, in particular, will love this application. It includes toning exercises after pregnancy, application examples that can get in shape in a short time, and exercises that can be done in a small space like the bathroom and kitchen.

The app consists of a series of instructional videos that help moms work out while balancing home and work.

Brandy Yearous, who has expertise in sports medicine and physical therapy, has focused on losing weight after motherhood and has collected useful exercises that can be done at home in this application.

Download: iOS

Quick At Home Workouts

Exercises that you can complete in 7 minutes are used in this application for those who do not have much time to get in shape. These exercises, which offer maximum benefits in minimum time, can be done at any time and without any equipment. You can choose these exercises, where you can determine the difficulty level, with a focus on “staying in shape or losing weight”.

Download: iOS / Android

Nike Training Club

The application that is a candidate to be the favorite of those who need the motivation to exercise is used with inspiring videos from famous names.

With this application that offers workout programs that you can do with your own body weight, according to your schedule and level, it is easy and fun to get in shape.

Download: iOS / Android

Walking for Weight Loss

The application that looks to be the favorite of those who want to lose weight in 4 weeks through exercises designed to burn fat 3 times faster, aims to make it a habit to stay fit.

The workouts shared through the application, which includes hundreds of recipes suitable for recent diet styles such as Keto, Vegan, and Paleo, are designed to burn twice as many calories. The application also works integrated with the Apple Health Application.

Download: iOS

30-Day Fitness Challenge

The application, designed with exercises and instructions that make it easier for you to achieve concrete results for 30 days, can be the favorite of those who are not afraid of challenges.

You can achieve your goals, such as shaping and, of course, weight loss with the movements that are planned according to the time you set for the exercise.

Download: iOS / Android


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