Acer R270 Zero frame

The Acer R270 stands out with its ‘Zero Frame’ design

The Acer R270 – ‘Zero Frame’ design

The Acer R270 offers more viewing space for all tasks with its ‘Zero Frame’ frameless design and allows professionals to find the most accurate hues thanks to its 6-axis color matching.

Designed for everyday computing needs, the Acer R270 IPS LED monitor offers more viewing space on a 27-inch screen and vivid images in FHD resolution thanks to its ‘Zero Frame‘ frameless design. The wide-angle capability provides accurate color display up to 178 degrees, so the monitor reproduces colors perfectly regardless of the viewing angle selected. This allows users to benefit from a larger screen area that they can use for all their needs from business to entertainment.

Acer R270 Zero frame

When paired with AMD Radeon FreeSync supported graphics cards, the monitor eliminates screen tearing and minimizes latency. With Radeon FreeSync, the monitor’s refresh rate matches that of the graphics card, eliminating screen tearing while adding unmatched mobility to the gaming experience.

The Acer R270’s Visual Response Boost (VRB) technology, which response to moving images in as little as 1ms, quickly turns off the backlight to reduce blur in fast-moving scenes and adds flashing, blank black scenes between images.

The Acer R270 uses a unique 6-axis color adjustment to deliver the true colors and hues that professionals need. Thanks to this feature, users can adjust the hue and saturation in 6 axes, and these axes range from R, G, B to C, M, and Y.


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