SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop Alarm Review


In today’s world, where security is a paramount concern for homeowners, renters, and travelers alike, the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop Alarm emerges as a standout solution for enhancing safety and peace of mind. This compact, yet powerful device is designed to fortify your living space against intrusions with its extremely loud alarm and sturdy non-skid pad. In this review, we will delve into the features, benefits, and practical applications of the SABRE 120 dB Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm, highlighting why it has become a preferred choice for individuals seeking to bolster their security measures.

At the heart of the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop is its attention-grabbing 120dB alarm, capable of waking or alerting homeowners and renters with its piercing sound when door pressure is applied. This feature not only helps to deter potential intruders but also has the potential to notify neighbors, thanks to its impressive audible range of up to 1,500 feet (455 meters). The significance of this cannot be overstated, as the ability to quickly and effectively signal for help or ward off unwanted guests can make a substantial difference in ensuring personal safety and security.

Moreover, the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop is engineered for maximum security. Its non-skid pad is meticulously designed to prevent the door from opening while the alarm sounds, offering an added layer of protection. This makes the device particularly ideal for use in various settings, including hotels, dormitories, and residential homes, especially those with a 7/8″ gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. However, it’s worth noting that if the gap exceeds this measurement, the alarm may not activate upon the door’s opening, highlighting the importance of compatibility for effective use.

Adding to its appeal is the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop’s extra level of security through its battery status update feature, which includes a low battery indicator. This thoughtful addition ensures users can maintain the device’s readiness with ease, providing peace of mind that the alarm will be functional when it’s most needed. Furthermore, the ease of installation is a significant advantage. The alarm is battery-operated (requiring a 1x9V battery) and does not require any wiring, making setup a breeze. Only a small screwdriver is needed to remove the battery compartment cover, allowing for quick and hassle-free installation.

The aesthetic and practical design of the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop also deserves mention. Its premium white finish not only looks attractive within any home decor but also signifies the quality and reliability of the product. Additionally, its compact size is perfectly suited for travel, ensuring users can enjoy the same level of security and peace of mind, even when away from home.

SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop

Attention-Grabbing Alarm

The core of the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop’s effectiveness lies in its extremely loud 120dB alarm. Engineered to alert homeowners or renters at the first sign of an intrusion, this alarm plays a crucial role in the device’s overall security proposition. By generating a sound loud enough to wake individuals from sleep and potentially alert neighbors or passersby, it acts as both a deterrent to would-be intruders and a rapid alert system for the occupants. This feature is particularly vital in scenarios where quick awareness of unauthorized entry could prevent a burglary or worse.

SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop

Maximum Security with Non-Skid Pad

Another critical aspect of the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop is its non-skid pad, designed to physically prevent a door from opening. This feature complements the alarm by adding a layer of physical security; even if an intruder attempts to force entry, the non-skid pad significantly reduces the likelihood of the door opening. Ideal for use in hotels, dormitories, or any residence, it ensures that the door alarm does more than just sound an alert—it actively impedes entry.

SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop

Easy Installation and Extra Security Features

Ease of installation is a significant advantage of the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop. It requires no wiring, making it a straightforward, user-friendly security solution. Additionally, the device’s design includes a low battery indicator, ensuring that users can maintain its operational readiness without guesswork. This feature, along with the alarm’s compact size and aesthetic appeal, makes the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop an attractive option for both home and travel use, offering peace of mind regardless of one’s location.

SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop


In conclusion, the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop Alarm stands as a robust and reliable solution for anyone looking to enhance their security measures. Its loud alarm, maximum security features, and ease of use make it an essential device for homes, apartments, dormitories, and travel. The additional peace of mind provided by the battery status update feature, along with its attractive design and easy installation, further solidifies its place as a superior choice in home security products.

For those seeking to complement their security setup, products such as GE Personal Security offer complementary benefits, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safety and protection. Ultimately, the SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop Alarm is a testament to the importance of innovative and effective security solutions in today’s ever-changing world.

SABRE Security Wedge Door Stop


  • Extremely loud 120dB alarm efficiently alerts homeowners and deters intruders.
  • Non-skid pad provides a physical barrier, enhancing door security.
  • Easy to install and maintain, suitable for travel and home use.
  • Low battery indicator ensures the device is always ready to use.
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing design fits well in various environments.


  • Alarm sound may be too loud for close-quarter living spaces.
  • Non-skid pad effectiveness varies with the gap size under the door.
  • Requires regular battery checks and replacements to maintain functionality.


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