RLQA Band 3 Review


In an era where health consciousness and digital integration into our daily lives are more pronounced than ever, the RLQA Band 3 emerges as a beacon of innovation in the fitness tracker market. This 1.47″ smart watch, designed for both Android and iPhone users, is a comprehensive health and activity monitor that blends aesthetics, functionality, and durability. With features that cater to a wide range of needs – ”from 24/7 health monitoring to IP68 waterproofing” – the RLQA Band 3 stands out as a versatile companion for anyone looking to enhance their well-being and physical activity tracking.

At the heart of the RLQA Band 3’s appeal is its sophisticated health monitoring capabilities. It doesn’t just track your steps or calories; it delves deeper into your wellness by providing 24-hour real-time tracking of heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. These features are complemented by a sleep tracker that doesn’t merely record sleep but analyzes sleep quality, offering insights and weekly reports to help users refine their sleep patterns for optimal rest.

But the RLQA Band 3 is not just about monitoring; it’s about enhancing lifestyle choices. Smart reminders for hydration, sedentary behavior, and even female menstrual management are thoughtfully integrated, making this device a proactive partner in managing daily health and wellness routines. These reminders serve as gentle nudges towards healthier habits, showcasing the device’s role not just as a tracker but as a wellness coach.

Diving into its physical attributes, the RLQA Band 3 boasts a 1.47″ HD touch screen that offers vivid colors, sharp images, and a smooth user interface. With over 200 dial options available through the GloryFit app, personalization is at your fingertips. The option to upload custom images for the watch face adds a personal touch, making the device not just a tool, but a part of your personal expression.

Sports enthusiasts will find the RLQA Band 3 a game-changer, thanks to its multiple sports modes and comprehensive activity tracking. Whether you’re into running, swimming, basketball, or football, this device covers all bases, providing detailed metrics such as calorie consumption, steps, distance, and speed. This feature set encourages users to set and pursue realistic fitness goals, supported by effective exercise guidance.

In terms of connectivity and convenience, the RLQA Band 3 does not disappoint. Message notifications ensure you’re always in the loop, while features like weather forecasts, remote photography, and music control enhance your daily experiences. The device’s wide compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones ensures that it integrates seamlessly into your digital ecosystem.

RLQA Band 3

24/7 Health Monitoring & Smart Reminder

The RLQA Band 3 sets a new standard for personal health tracking. Its ability to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure around the clock offers users a comprehensive view of their health in real-time. This continuous monitoring, coupled with the device’s sleep tracker, provides valuable insights into sleep patterns, allowing for adjustments to improve sleep quality over time. Additionally, the inclusion of lifestyle reminders, such as hydration prompts, sedentary alerts, and female menstrual management, underscores the device’s commitment to supporting overall well-being. These features collectively empower users to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle, showcasing the RLQA Band 3’s role as not just a fitness tracker but a holistic health companion.

RLQA Band 3

Multiple Sports Modes & Activity Tracking

The versatility of the RLQA Band 3 shines through its extensive range of sports modes. Catering to enthusiasts of running, swimming, basketball, football, and more, this fitness tracker is a formidable ally in achieving fitness goals. By meticulously recording metrics like calorie burn, step count, distance covered, and speed, it provides a granular view of one’s physical activity. The ability to set personalized exercise targets further enhances its utility, making it a reliable guide for users seeking to optimize their workout routines. This multifaceted approach to activity tracking demonstrates the RLQA Band 3’s capability to cater to a diverse array of fitness needs, making it an indispensable tool for individuals dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle.

RLQA Band 3

1.47″ HD Touch Screen & 200+Dials

A standout feature of the RLQA Band 3 is its 1.47″ HD touch screen, boasting superior color saturation and sharpness thanks to its TFT material construction. The user experience is further enriched by the smooth responsiveness of the touch interface. With over 200 watch faces available via the GloryFit app, personalization is at the forefront, offering users the freedom to customize their device to reflect their style or mood. The option to upload personal images for a truly customized watch face adds an intimate touch to the device, blending functionality with personal expression seamlessly.

RLQA Band 3

Message Notification & Wide Compatibility

In today’s connected world, staying informed is crucial. The RLQA Band 3 excels in this regard, offering seamless message notifications from phones and social media, ensuring users never miss important updates. Its wide compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones ensures it integrates smoothly into the user’s digital life. The convenience of removable straps, compatible with any 16mm replacement, adds a layer of customization and versatility, making the RLQA Band 3 a smartwatch that truly caters to the needs and preferences of a broad user base.

RLQA Band 3

Intelligent Convenience & IP68 Waterproof

The RLQA Band 3 is designed to simplify daily life with its array of smart features. From weather forecasts and remote photography to music control and a pedometer, it offers users a multitude of conveniences at their fingertips. Its IP68 waterproof rating ensures durability and reliability, allowing wearers to engage in various activities without concern for their device. Whether it’s daily exercise, bathing, swimming, or hand washing, the RLQA Band 3 remains a steadfast companion, providing both functionality and peace of mind.

RLQA Band 3


The RLQA Band 3 is a testament to the evolution of fitness trackers, offering a blend of health monitoring, lifestyle management, and personal expression. Its robust features and intuitive design make it a standout choice for individuals aiming to lead healthier, more connected lives. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone looking to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, the RLQA Band 3 is your ideal companion.

Its competition, like Amazfit Band 5 and Fitbit Inspire 2, may offer similar features, but the RLQA Band 3’s unique blend of functionality, customization, and user-friendliness sets it apart. In embracing the RLQA Band 3, you’re not just choosing a fitness tracker; you’re choosing a lifestyle enhancer that motivates, guides, and accompanies you on your wellness journey.

RLQA Band 3


  • Comprehensive health monitoring
  • Wide range of sports modes
  • High-definition touch screen
  • Customizable watch faces
  • IP68 waterproof rating


  • Requires regular syncing with smartphone
  • Limited battery life with heavy use
  • Custom watch faces may affect battery life
  • Some features dependent on smartphone compatibility


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