REOLINK E1 Pro Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Advanced 4MP Indoor Security Camera


In today’s rapidly evolving world, the significance of home security cannot be overstated. With technological advancements, the market is flooded with a plethora of options, making it challenging to choose the right security camera that meets your needs. Among the contenders, the REOLINK E1 Pro stands out as a notable option. This 4MP indoor security camera is designed to offer unparalleled security with its advanced features, including 2K resolution, dual-band WiFi, auto-tracking, person/pet detection, night vision, and flexible storage options.

The REOLINK E1 Pro is not just another security camera; it’s a comprehensive solution for keeping an eye on your home, pets, or loved ones. Whether you’re away at work or asleep at night, this camera ensures you never miss a thing. Its 2K 4MP resolution guarantees crystal-clear images, capturing the finest details with superior clarity. This feature is particularly beneficial for identifying faces or small objects, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your home is under vigilant surveillance.

Night vision is another critical aspect of home security cameras, and the REOLINK E1 Pro excels in this area. With the ability to see up to 40ft in the dark, this camera ensures that your home is protected around the clock. The brilliance of its night vision capability means that even in the dead of night, you can see everything clearly, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

Connectivity is a breeze with the REOLINK E1 Pro, thanks to its support for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands. This dual-band WiFi feature allows for superior network performance, giving you the flexibility to choose the WiFi band that best suits your needs. Whether your home network is crowded or you’re looking for a faster connection, the REOLINK E1 Pro has got you covered.

One of the most impressive features of the REOLINK E1 Pro is its auto-tracking capability. When motion is detected, the camera automatically focuses on and follows the moving object. This feature is invaluable for monitoring pets or keeping an eye on children, ensuring that you never miss any important moments. Additionally, the person/pet detection feature sends real-time motion-triggered notifications, keeping you informed of the events that matter most to you.

Storage is often a concern with security cameras, but the REOLINK E1 Pro offers flexible options to meet your needs. Videos can be saved to a microSD card (up to 256GB, not included) or a Reolink NVR, allowing you to play them back anytime. This flexibility ensures that you have access to your recordings whenever you need them, providing an additional layer of security.


Unmatched Visual Clarity with 2K 4MP Resolution

The REOLINK E1 Pro takes visual acuity in home surveillance to new heights with its 2K 4MP resolution. This feature ensures that every frame captured is rich in detail and clarity, making it easier to identify faces, objects, and even minor activities within your home. Whether you’re reviewing footage or watching live, the sharpness and depth of the images provide a sense of security that is both reassuring and necessary for modern homeowners. The high resolution is particularly beneficial in scenarios where detail is paramount, from identifying unauthorized individuals to noticing small but significant changes in your environment.


Round-the-Clock Security with Superior Night Vision

Security concerns don’t end when the sun goes down, which is why the REOLINK E1 Pro’s advanced night vision capability is a game-changer. Offering visibility up to 40 feet in complete darkness, the camera ensures that your property remains under vigilant watch even in the dead of night. This feature uses infrared technology to illuminate areas without the need for visible light, providing clear, detailed images that are crucial for nighttime security. Whether it’s detecting intruders or checking on sleeping children, the REOLINK E1 Pro’s night vision stands as a sentinel, offering peace of mind 24/7.


Seamless Network Integration with Dual-Band WiFi

In an era where internet connectivity is at the heart of many home security systems, the REOLINK E1 Pro’s dual-band WiFi support sets it apart. By offering the flexibility to connect over both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, the camera ensures optimal performance by minimizing interference and maximizing speed. This feature is particularly useful in areas with crowded networks or when streaming high-definition video, ensuring that your surveillance system remains reliable and efficient. With easy setup and seamless integration into your home network, the REOLINK E1 Pro enhances your security infrastructure without complicating it.


Intelligent Surveillance with Auto-Tracking & Detection

The REOLINK E1 Pro goes beyond passive monitoring with its intelligent auto-tracking and person/pet detection features. Upon detecting movement, the camera can automatically pan and tilt to follow the action, ensuring that subjects remain in frame and under observation. This auto-tracking capability, combined with sophisticated algorithms for person and pet detection, allows the REOLINK E1 Pro to send targeted alerts and notifications. This means you’re always informed of significant events, from the arrival of visitors to the movements of pets, enhancing both security and convenience.


Flexible and Secure Storage Options

Data security and storage flexibility are critical considerations for any surveillance system, and the REOLINK E1 Pro excels in both. Offering support for microSD cards up to 256GB and compatibility with Reolink NVR, the camera provides multiple storage options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer the portability and convenience of local storage or the extended capacity of network video recorders, the REOLINK E1 Pro ensures that your data is securely stored and readily accessible. This flexibility, coupled with the camera’s robust encryption protocols, ensures that your surveillance footage remains private and protected.



The REOLINK E1 Pro is more than just a security camera; it’s a guardian for your home. With its 2K 4MP resolution, dual-band WiFi, auto-tracking, person/pet detection, night vision, and flexible storage options, it offers everything you need to keep your home safe. Whether you’re monitoring your pets, watching over your children, or keeping an eye on your property, the REOLINK E1 Pro is up to the task.

For those looking for alternatives, Kasa Smart EC70 and eufy Security Indoor Cam E220 might also be worth considering, offering similar features with their unique advantages. However, the REOLINK E1 Pro’s blend of advanced features and user-friendly operation makes it a standout choice for anyone serious about home security.



  • High Resolution: 2K 4MP for clear, detailed images.
  • Night Vision: Sees up to 40ft in darkness.
  • WiFi Flexibility: Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Smart Features: Auto-tracking and person/pet detection.
  • Storage Options: MicroSD (up to 256GB) and Reolink NVR compatible.


  • Setup Time: Requires initial time to optimize.
  • WiFi Dependence: Performance tied to network quality.
  • Extra Costs: Storage requires additional purchase.
  • False Alerts: Motion sensitivity may need adjustments.
  • Limited Night Range: 40ft may not cover all areas.


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