OFNEX N17 Wireless Earbuds


In the ever-evolving world of wireless audio, the OFNEX N17 earbuds have emerged as a beacon of innovation and performance. These Bluetooth 5.3 headphones offer an impressive 78 hours of playtime, thanks to their high-capacity charging case that supports both wireless and USB-C charging. Designed for those who value both style and substance, the N17 comes with a sleek splicing design and is IPX7 waterproof, making it a perfect companion for all your adventures.

The earbuds’ 14.2 mm dual-chamber speaker driver unit delivers an immersive sound experience with rich bass and crystal-clear calls, courtesy of two built-in microphones. The ease of use is further enhanced by the earbuds’ open-to-connect feature and effortless control via intuitive physical buttons. Whether you’re on a web meeting, in an online class, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes, the OFNEX N17 earbuds are designed to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

The OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds are not just another pair of earphones; they represent a leap forward in audio technology. With Bluetooth 5.3, users enjoy a seamless and stable connection across a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows systems. The earbuds’ featherlight comfort is achieved through meticulous research into ear canal shapes, offering an optimal fit for most users with three sizes of ear tips included. This careful design ensures that users can enjoy their music or calls without discomfort, even during extended periods of use.

The waterproof rating of IPX7 means these earbuds can withstand water and sweat, making them ideal for workouts, outdoor adventures, or any activity where durability is key. With their comprehensive features and cutting-edge design, the OFNEX N17 earbuds are set to redefine the standards of wireless listening, offering an unparalleled combination of sound quality, comfort, and convenience.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds

78 Hours Playtime & Wireless Charging

The OFNEX N17 earbuds set a new benchmark in the industry with their extraordinary 78 hours of total playtime, facilitated by a high-capacity charging case. This feature alone makes them a game-changer for music enthusiasts and professionals alike who demand reliability and longevity from their audio devices. The convenience of wireless and USB-C charging options, coupled with the dual LED power display, ensures users are always aware of their charge status, eliminating the anxiety of running out of power at crucial moments. The ability to enjoy music continuously without frequent charging enhances the user experience significantly, making the N17 a top choice for those who prioritize battery life in their earbuds selection.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds

Featherlight Comfort & IPX7 Waterproof

The OFNEX N17 earbuds are a testament to the importance of comfort and durability in wireless audio devices. By conducting extensive research on ear canal shapes, the designers have achieved an optimal fit that caters to a wide array of users. This research-backed approach to design, combined with the provision of three sizes of ear tips, ensures maximum comfort for prolonged usage. Furthermore, the earbuds’ IPX7 waterproof rating offers peace of mind, guaranteeing protection against water and sweat. This feature is particularly beneficial for users leading active lifestyles, as it allows them to enjoy high-quality music during workouts and outdoor activities without worrying about damaging their earbuds.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds

Immersive Sound & Crystal-clear Call

The OFNEX N17 earbuds excel in delivering an immersive audio experience, thanks to their 14.2 mm dual-chamber speaker driver unit. This technological advancement ensures crisp, well-balanced sound with deep bass, making every listening session a delight. Additionally, the inclusion of two built-in microphones significantly enhances call quality, ensuring clear and loud communication. This feature is invaluable for professionals who rely on their earbuds for conference calls and online meetings, as well as for users who value clear sound during phone conversations.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds

Open to Connect & Enhanced Bluetooth 5.3

The integration of a built-in hall-effect switch for automatic pairing showcases the N17’s commitment to user convenience. This feature simplifies the connection process, allowing for immediate pairing upon opening the charging case. Combined with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, the earbuds offer a stable and swift connection across various devices and operating systems. This seamless connectivity is crucial for users who switch between different devices throughout the day, ensuring a hassle-free audio experience.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds

Effortless Control & Simple Reset

The intuitive physical buttons on the N17 earbuds provide users with easy access to essential functions such as call management, music control, volume adjustment, and voice assistant activation. This ease of use is complemented by a one-key reset feature, which simplifies the troubleshooting process, enhancing the overall user experience. The option to use the earbuds together or separately adds a layer of versatility, making them suitable for a range of activities, from driving to working out.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds


  • Impressive 78 hours of total playtime
  • Comfortable fit with three sizes of ear tips
  • IPX7 waterproof rating for durability
  • Crisp, well-balanced sound with rich bass
  • Easy connectivity with Bluetooth 5.3


  • Limited color options
  • Case size may be bulky for some
  • Initial setup might be confusing for new users
  • Higher price point compared to basic models
  • Dependency on physical buttons instead of touch controls


The OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds stand out as a paragon of audio excellence and technological advancement. They deliver an immersive audio experience complemented by convenience features that cater to the modern user’s needs. With a robust battery life, waterproof design, and easy connectivity, these earbuds are a compelling choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio gear. The sound quality, with its deep bass and clear calls, rivals that of more expensive models, making the N17 a smart investment.

For those considering alternatives, products like Apple EarPods Headphones and TOZO T10 might offer similar features, but the N17’s unique blend of durability, comfort, and sound fidelity sets it apart. Whether for personal use, online meetings, or enjoying media, the OFNEX N17 earbuds are an excellent choice that promises to enhance your audio experience in every aspect.

OFNEX N17 wireless earbuds


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