LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers


In an era where the clarity and quality of sound play pivotal roles in enhancing our digital experiences, the LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers emerge as a beacon for audiophiles and everyday users alike. This compact, single USB speaker system is not just another addition to your desktop setup but a transformative piece of technology designed to elevate your audio experience. With features like loud sound emission, plug and play functionality, an easy clip to monitor design, multi-functional buttons, and wider compatibility, the LXTNFU EL020 stands out as a remarkable solution for desktop PC and laptop users seeking an uncluttered, immersive sound experience.

The speakers come equipped with two 1.4-inch internal magnetic speakers, boasting the ability to emit sound with stunning quality and sufficient cavities despite its compact size. This is particularly notable as it challenges the common perception that size directly correlates with sound quality. The high-quality cable accompanying the speakers ensures a stable transmission, a nod to the device’s commitment to delivering uninterrupted, jerky-free sound, setting it apart from the inconsistencies often found in Bluetooth speakers.

One of the standout features of the LXTNFU EL020 is its plug and play capability. The latest decoder chips incorporated into the speaker make it compatible with 99% of the computer systems on the market today, eliminating the need for driver software and the cumbersome 3.5mm AUX cables. This single USB design significantly reduces cable clutter, allowing for a tidy desktop space while minimizing the speaker’s footprint on your desk.

The innovative spring-loaded clip at the bottom of the speaker is a testament to the thoughtful design process aimed at maximizing desktop space. This feature allows for easy attachment to the top, sides, or bottom of most monitors, providing flexibility and ease of use that is unmatched. Additionally, the speaker can stand smoothly on the desktop, offering versatility in placement according to user preference.

Functionality extends to the multi-functional buttons located on the top of the speaker, including volume up, volume down, and a mute button. These buttons are designed for convenience, allowing users to adjust the sound in an effortless and intuitive manner. Unlike standard pause buttons that only pause music software sounds, the mute button on the LXTNFU EL020 can instantly stop all sounds, ensuring uninterrupted focus when needed.

Compatibility is another strong suit of the LXTNFU EL020. With its built-in decoder chip, the speaker supports a wide range of devices including laptops, PCs, and some Android phones with Type-C ports. The inclusion of a USB-C to USB adapter further broadens its compatibility, making it a versatile choice for users with various types of devices.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers

Unparalleled Sound Quality

The LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers redefine desktop sound with their cutting-edge design. Housing two 1.4-inch internal magnetic speakers, these compact units manage to deliver an unexpectedly powerful sound performance. The carefully engineered speaker cavities ensure that each note and beat is rendered with clarity and depth, providing an immersive audio experience for all kinds of digital content. Despite their small form factor, these speakers challenge the common misconception that larger speakers necessarily offer better bass response.

While it’s acknowledged that the EL020’s bass capabilities might not rival those of larger speakers with dedicated subwoofers, the quality of sound, stability of transmission, and avoidance of the jerkiness typically associated with Bluetooth speakers, positions the EL020 as a formidable player in its category. The high-quality cable included further underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering seamless, high-fidelity audio.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers

Effortless Installation and Use

The true plug and play functionality of the LXTNFU EL020 speakers is a game-changer for users seeking simplicity and efficiency. Compatibility with 99% of computer systems on the market means these speakers are nearly universal in their applicability. The elimination of the need for driver software and 3.5mm AUX cables addresses a common pain point among users, simplifying the setup process to a mere connection of a USB cable. This simplicity extends to the single USB design that not only minimizes cable clutter but also maximizes desk space, reflecting the speaker’s design philosophy of combining functionality with elegance.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers

Innovative Mounting Mechanism

The LXTNFU EL020 speakers boast an ingenious spring-loaded clip that significantly enhances the user’s ability to conserve desk space. This clip, capable of securely attaching to most monitor edges up to 0.78 inches thick, ensures that the speaker can be conveniently positioned without taking up valuable desk area. This versatility is complemented by the speaker’s ability to stand independently on the desk, offering users multiple placement options to suit their specific setup needs. The manual opening and automatic merging of the clip highlight the thoughtful design consideration given to user convenience and the overall usability of the speaker.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers

Intuitive Control Scheme

Located atop the speaker, three user-friendly buttons – ”volume up, volume down, and mute – provide a level of convenience that enhances the overall user experience. These controls allow for quick and easy adjustments to the audio output, a feature particularly beneficial in environments where sound levels need to be frequently changed. The inclusion of a dedicated mute button, capable of instantly silencing all audio outputs, is a thoughtful addition that underscores the speaker’s design philosophy of prioritizing user needs and convenience.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers

Broad Compatibility

The LXTNFU EL020’s compatibility reaches beyond the typical PC and laptop, extending to certain Android phones and other devices with a Type-C port, thanks to the included USB-C to USB adapter. This wide compatibility ensures that the speakers can serve a broad user base, catering to various devices and platforms. The speaker’s built-in decoder chip plays a crucial role in this versatility, enabling it to adapt to the latest audio drivers installed on the sound card of the connected device. Such comprehensive compatibility sets the EL020 apart from competitors that may offer limited connectivity options.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers


The LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers redefine what we can expect from desktop audio solutions. Its blend of sound quality, ease of use, and thoughtful design makes it an essential addition for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience without compromising on desk space. Whether it’s for gaming, music, or movies, the EL020 delivers on its promise of a rich, immersive sound experience.

When considering alternatives, products like Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play and LLEVTIC Computer Speaker might offer similar features, but the unique combination of portability, sound quality, and user-friendly design of the LXTNFU EL020 sets it apart. It’s a testament to how technology can be both incredibly sophisticated and delightfully simple, making it a recommended purchase for those seeking to elevate their sound setup.

LXTNFU EL020 Computer Speakers


  • Stunning sound quality
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Space-saving clip design
  • Intuitive control buttons
  • Wide compatibility


  • Limited bass compared to subwoofers
  • Single USB connection limits usage
  • Clip size may not fit all monitors
  • Not suitable for iPhone 15 users
  • Requires latest audio drivers for full functionality


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