Litokam 360° 2K Indoor Security Camera – The Comprehensive Home Monitoring Solution



In an era where the safety and security of our homes are paramount, the Litokam 360° 2K Indoor Security Camera stands out as a beacon of reliability and technological advancement. This product is not just a camera; it’s a robust guardian designed to offer peace of mind and a comprehensive surveillance solution for your indoor spaces. With its impressive 2K resolution and expansive 360° coverage, this camera ensures that every corner of your home is under watchful eyes, leaving no blind spots.

The camera’s state-of-the-art optic lens is a testament to modern engineering, delivering crystal clear image quality that captures every detail with precision. The sharper details and superior image quality provided by the 2K resolution mean that nothing goes unnoticed. Whether it’s the innocent antics of your pets or the precious moments of your baby playing, the Litokam 360° camera captures it all with clarity.

One of the most lauded features is its smart pan and tilt functionality, offering horizontal 360° and vertical 110° coverage. This means the camera can sweep across rooms, covering every inch of space. The convenience of 2.4GHz Wi-Fi wireless connectivity (note that it’s not compatible with 5GHz) allows for seamless integration into your home network, offering you control and access from anywhere.

But the camera isn’t just a passive observing device. With its cutting-edge Motion Detection & Auto Movement Tracking, powered by Smart Perceive Technology, it actively participates in home security. Upon detecting movement, it promptly sends alert notifications to your phone. This feature ensures that you’re always in the loop, immediately informed of any unusual activity within your home. Plus, with the ability to adjust the motion detection sensitivity, you have control over the alerts you receive, tailoring the system to suit your daily life.

Communication is key, and the Litokam 360° camera ensures that you’re always connected to your home through Fluent 2 Way Audio. Whether it’s soothing your pet or speaking to a family member, the built-in microphone and speaker facilitate clear and immediate communication. Additionally, the manually adjustable Night Vision feature guarantees that your surveillance capabilities are not hindered by the time of day, providing clear footage up to 33 feet in pitch darkness.

In terms of storage and security, the Double Storage & Encrypted Local Record feature stands out. You have the flexibility to save videos to a 128GB TF card or to the cloud, with a 14 days free trial. This flexibility ensures that you can always revisit footage when needed. More importantly, high-level encryption technology means that your videos are protected and can only be accessed by you, providing an extra layer of security.

Lastly, the Multi-Users & Multiple View feature redefines communal security. The camera supports viewing by many users, allowing you to share the responsibility and peace of mind with family and friends. With the Little elf Smart app, you can manage multiple cameras and display 16 live videos on one screen, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your home.

Unveiling the 2K HD & Smart Pan/Tilt Functionality

The Litokam 360° indoor security camera is a marvel of modern technology. Its 2K HD resolution is not merely a number but a promise of unmatched clarity and detail in indoor surveillance. The camera’s high-tech optic lens is a conduit to a world of sharp, crystal-clear images, ensuring that what you see is as close to reality as possible. This clarity is particularly crucial in identifying subtle movements or changes in the environment, making it an invaluable asset in home security. The pan and tilt functionality, providing horizontal 360° and vertical 110° coverage, ensures comprehensive surveillance, leaving no corner unchecked and no place for intruders to hide.

Mastering Motion Detection & Auto Movement Tracking

In the domain of motion detection, the Litokam 360° camera adopts Smart Perceive Technology. This technology isn’t just reactive; it’s a proactive measure ensuring that you’re alerted at the slightest hint of movement, keeping you one step ahead of any possible security breaches. The auto movement tracking is akin to having a personal security guard, with the camera moving in sync with any detected object, ensuring continuous monitoring and recording. This feature is particularly useful in homes with pets or young children, providing a sense of security and peace of mind to the user.

Fluent 2 Way Audio & Versatile Night Vision

Communication is a two-way street with the Litokam 360° camera’s built-in microphone and speaker. This feature transforms the camera from a mere observing device to an interactive tool, allowing for real-time conversations or interventions. Whether it’s calming a pet, instructing a child, or confronting an intruder, the Fluent 2 Way Audio bridges the gap between observation and action. The manually adjustable Night Vision extends this communication and surveillance into the night, ensuring that darkness is no barrier to home security.

Double Storage & Advanced Encrypted Local Record

Data security and storage are paramount in today’s digital age, and the Litokam 360° camera addresses this with its Double Storage & Encrypted Local Record feature. Offering the option of a max 128GB TF card or cloud storage, it ensures that your recordings are always available for review. The high-level encryption guarantees that these recordings remain confidential, accessible only to the authorized user. This feature not only protects against data theft but also against the physical theft or damage of the camera itself, ensuring that your data is always secure.

Multi-Users & Multiple View – A Community of Vigilance

The Litokam 360° camera redefines communal security with its Multi-Users & Multiple View feature. It supports viewing by an unlimited number of users, promoting a shared approach to home security. This feature is invaluable for families, allowing multiple members to monitor and protect their shared space. The Little elf Smart app’s ability to manage multiple cameras and display up to 16 live videos on one screen means that your entire home can be monitored from a single device, making home security both comprehensive and convenient.


The Litokam 360° 2K Indoor Security Camera is a testament to the fusion of technology and security, offering a multi-dimensional approach to home monitoring. Its superior image quality, expansive coverage, and intelligent detection features set it apart as a leading choice for those seeking to fortify their homes with smart, reliable technology. The ease of installation and user-friendly interface mean that securing your home doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. With the addition of robust storage options and multi-user support, it ensures that your home surveillance is a collective effort, shared with loved ones for that added peace of mind.

Whether you are looking to protect your family, keep an eye on pets, or simply enhance your home security, the Litokam 360° camera is an investment in peace, safety, and technology. Its comprehensive coverage, clear communication, and intuitive alerts ensure that your home is a safe haven, monitored and protected at all times. Take a step into the future of home surveillance with the Litokam 360° and experience the difference of a vigilant, smart, and responsive security system at your fingertips.


  • Exceptional 2K HD Image Quality
  • Comprehensive 360° Coverage
  • Intelligent Motion Detection
  • Secure Data Storage Options
  • User-Friendly Multi-View Feature


  • Not Compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • TF Card Not Included
  • Manual Adjustment for Night Vision
  • Requires Constant Power Supply
  • Limited to Indoor Use Only
Litokam 360° 2K Indoor Security Camera – The Comprehensive Home Monitoring Solution
The Litokam 360° 2K Indoor Security Camera is not just a product; it's a commitment to safety, clarity, and connectivity. Its range of features from high-resolution imaging and motion tracking to two-way communication and secure storage, set a new standard in home surveillance. As technology continues to advance, the Litokam 360° camera stands as a testament to the potential of smart home security, providing peace of mind and a safer living environment. Whether you are tech-savvy or seeking simple solutions, this camera is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern homeowners. Its intuitive design, coupled with cutting-edge technology, makes it a worthy addition to any home, ensuring that your space is always protected and connected.
Exceptional 2K HD Image Quality
Comprehensive 360° Coverage
Intelligent Motion Detection
Secure Data Storage Options
User-Friendly Multi-View Feature
Not Compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi
TF Card Not Included
Manual Adjustment for Night Vision
Requires Constant Power Supply
Limited to Indoor Use Only


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