Kasa Smart 2023 New Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera Review: An In-Depth Look


In the ever-evolving world of home security, the Kasa Smart 2023 New Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera (EC71) emerges as a cutting-edge solution for those seeking comprehensive surveillance within their living spaces. As the digital era progresses, the demand for smart, reliable, and versatile security cameras has skyrocketed, and Kasa Smart, a well-known name in the smart home industry, has responded with the EC71 model. This review delves deep into the capabilities, features, and user experience of the EC71, offering potential buyers an insightful look into what makes this camera a noteworthy addition to any smart home setup.

The EC71 distinguishes itself with an array of features designed for the modern homeowner. The camera’s Pan/Tilt functionality stands out, offering a 360° horizontal and 113° vertical range, ensuring no corner is left unmonitored. This capability, combined with the camera’s Patrol Mode, allows users to automate surveillance across multiple regions, providing peace of mind that every inch of their space is under watchful eyes.

Another highlight is the camera’s advanced Motion Tracking technology. The EC71 is not just a passive observer; it actively tracks moving objects or people within its field of view, enhancing the overall security of your home. This feature, coupled with instant push notifications for motion or person detection, ensures that users are always in the loop, whether it’s a pet causing mischief or an unwanted visitor.

For families, the EC71 doubles as a sophisticated baby monitor. The camera’s ability to detect baby crying sounds and send instant alerts transforms it into an indispensable tool for parents. Additionally, the 2-Way Audio feature with a built-in siren extends its use beyond surveillance, allowing users to communicate with their pets or deter intruders remotely.

Storage options are flexible with the EC71, supporting up to a 256 GB microSD card for continuous recording or cloud storage through Kasa Care for added benefits and a 30-day video history. This versatility ensures that important moments are never missed.

Night Vision capability up to 30 feet and 1080P Full HD video quality guarantee that the camera’s performance is uncompromised, regardless of the time of day. Every detail is captured in crystal-clear quality, from the innocent activities of a baby to the more subtle movements of pets.

Finally, the EC71’s compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home introduces a level of convenience that is hard to overlook. Voice commands can seamlessly integrate the camera with other smart home devices, offering a streamlined and efficient way to manage home security.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Comprehensive Surveillance with 360° Pan/Tilt

The EC71 revolutionizes home security with its 360° horizontal and 113° vertical range, offering an unprecedented level of surveillance. The Pan/Tilt feature ensures that every corner of the room is covered, leaving no blind spots. The addition of Patrol Mode further enhances this capability, allowing users to customize monitoring schedules across different regions. This ensures continuous and comprehensive coverage, making it an essential tool for homeowners who want to keep a vigilant eye on their property. The seamless integration of this feature with the Kasa app enhances user experience, providing easy control and real-time feedback.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Advanced Motion Tracking and Notifications

Kasa Smart’s EC71 sets a new standard in security monitoring with its sophisticated Motion Tracking technology. This feature automatically identifies and follows moving objects, keeping them in focus. Combined with instant push notifications for motion or person detection, it ensures that homeowners are always informed of any activity within their premises. The option to enable baby crying detection adds a layer of functionality, transforming the EC71 into a versatile device that caters to the needs of families. These alerts are not only immediate but also discerning, differentiating between ordinary movements and potential security threats.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Two-Way Audio and Siren for Enhanced Security

The built-in 2-way audio system with siren on the EC71 camera adds a new dimension to home security. This feature allows for real-time communication with family members or pets from anywhere, adding a sense of comfort and reassurance. The siren can be activated to deter unwanted visitors, making it a powerful tool for enhancing indoor security. This dual functionality not only enhances the camera’s utility as a monitoring device but also as a means to actively engage with and secure your home environment.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Versatile Storage Options

The EC71 offers flexible storage solutions, accommodating up to a 256 GB microSD card for local storage, or cloud storage through a Kasa Care subscription. This flexibility allows users to choose the storage option that best fits their needs, ensuring that video footage is safe and accessible. The cloud storage option is particularly beneficial, offering additional features like Video Summary and Activity Notifications with Snapshots, which provide a convenient overview of recorded events.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Crystal-Clear Night Vision and 1080P HD Quality

With its night vision capability extending up to 30 feet, the EC71 ensures that visibility is maintained even in complete darkness. The 1080P Full HD video quality captures every detail with clarity, making it easier to identify persons or objects. This high-resolution imaging is crucial for both day and night surveillance, providing clear evidence when needed.

Kasa Smart 2023 Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera

Smart Home Integration

The EC71’s compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home introduces a seamless integration into the smart home ecosystem. This feature allows users to control the camera and view live footage with simple voice commands, offering a convenient and hands-free way to monitor their home. The ability to stream the camera’s feed on larger displays via Echo Show or Google Chromecast enhances the user experience, bringing smart security to the forefront of home automation.


The Kasa Smart 2023 New Indoor Pan-Tilt Security Camera (EC71) is a testament to Kasa Smart’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly home security solutions. With features like 360° Pan/Tilt, Motion Tracking, and Night Vision, this camera is designed to offer unparalleled peace of mind. The addition of 2-Way Audio and flexible storage options further enhance its appeal, making it a versatile tool for any household.

While the EC71 stands out on its own, potential buyers might also consider LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera or blurams Security Camera for their unique features and compatibility with smart home ecosystems. The EC71 not only meets the current standards of home security but sets a new benchmark for what homeowners can expect from their surveillance technology.


  • Comprehensive 360° Pan/Tilt surveillance.
  • Advanced Motion Tracking with instant notifications.
  • Dual-function 2-Way Audio with built-in siren.
  • Flexible local and cloud storage options.
  • High-quality 1080P Full HD video and Night Vision.


  • Requires a 2.4G WiFi connection, limiting use in 5G-only environments.
  • Cloud storage features necessitate a subscription.
  • MicroSD card for local storage not included.
  • Initial setup may be complex for non-tech-savvy users.
  • Limited integration with third-party smart home systems beyond Alexa and Google Home.


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