Illuminate Your Security: A Comprehensive Review of the Eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired


In an era where home security has become a top priority for many, the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Offering a blend of advanced surveillance features and powerful illumination, this device is designed to provide homeowners with peace of mind and enhanced security around the clock. With its 360° pan and tilt capabilities, 24/7 recording, and motion-activated dual cameras, the E340 Wired is more than just a floodlight; it’s a comprehensive security solution for your home.

At the heart of the E340 Wired’s appeal is its dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards for fast and stable connections. Whether you’re streaming live footage or accessing recorded videos, the E340 ensures seamless performance across both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks. The floodlight camera’s 2,000-lumen peak brightness not only deters potential intruders but also provides ample lighting for nighttime activities, making it a versatile addition to any home security system.

One of the E340 Wired’s standout features is its 360° camera coverage. Equipped with AI technology, the camera effortlessly tracks detected individuals, ensuring that no movement goes unnoticed. The device’s auto-patrol function allows it to monitor your property on a schedule, offering an extra layer of security. For those seeking constant vigilance, the 24/7 recording feature guarantees that every moment is captured. By installing a microSD card or connecting to a eufy HomeBase S380, users can enjoy uninterrupted recording and easy access to their footage without the need for a monthly subscription.

The dual-camera setup of the E340 Wired sets it apart from conventional security cameras. With a 2K telephoto camera and a 3K wide-angle camera, it offers unmatched clarity and detail, capturing everything from wide panoramic views to intricate details from afar. The 8x— hybrid zoom and up to 3K resolution ensure that no detail is missed, while the intelligent design allows for 2K resolution even when utilizing AI tracking or dual views.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired

Unparalleled Surveillance with 360° Coverage

The eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired takes home surveillance to new heights with its 360° pan and tilt functionality. This feature ensures comprehensive coverage of your property, leaving no blind spots unattended. The integration of AI technology enhances the camera’s ability to identify and track people, making it an advanced guard against intruders. The auto-patrol feature, which allows the camera to monitor specific areas on a schedule, adds an extra layer of security by keeping a vigilant eye even in your absence.

Security is paramount, and the E340 Wired addresses this need by offering 360° camera coverage. The device’s ability to pan 360° horizontally provides a complete view of its surroundings, ensuring that every corner of your property is under surveillance. The camera’s AI capabilities are not just about tracking; they represent a leap forward in smart monitoring, distinguishing between people and irrelevant movements, thus reducing false alarms. This intelligent system ensures that homeowners can focus on real threats, making the E340 Wired an essential component of any modern security setup.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired

Constant Vigilance with 24/7 Recording

One of the most reassuring features of the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired is its capability for 24/7 recording. This function guarantees that all activities are captured, day and night. The option to install a microSD card or connect the camera to eufy HomeBase S380 ensures that homeowners can store footage locally, offering peace of mind without the burden of monthly fees.

The 24/7 recording feature of the E340 Wired ensures that your home is always under watchful eyes. Whether it’s the dead of night or the middle of the day, this camera records every moment, providing a complete history of events outside your home. The flexibility to use a microSD card for storage or to connect to the eufy HomeBase S380 allows users to customize their storage solutions, accommodating up to 128 GB of footage. This feature is particularly valuable for those who wish to review recordings for security purposes or simply to monitor daily activities around their property.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired

Enhanced Detail with Dual Cameras

The dual-camera setup of the E340 Wired offers unparalleled detail and coverage. The combination of a 2K telephoto camera and a 3K wide-angle camera allows for a versatile surveillance solution. With 8x— hybrid zoom and up to 3K resolution, homeowners can enjoy crisp, clear images, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

The dual cameras of the E340 Wired represent a significant advancement in home security technology. By offering two distinct perspectives – a detailed 2K telephoto view and a broader 3K wide-angle view – this camera system provides comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. The ability to zoom up to 8x— without sacrificing image quality allows users to focus on specific areas of interest or to capture the bigger picture, making it easier to identify individuals or activities around their property. Whether you’re monitoring a distant gate or keeping an eye on the garden, the E340 Wired’s dual cameras ensure you have the best possible view.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired

Reliable Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6

The inclusion of dual-band Wi-Fi 6 in the E340 Wired guarantees a stable and fast connection, enhancing the user experience by ensuring smooth live streaming and quick access to recorded footage. This feature is especially important in a security context, where timely access to footage can be crucial.

With its support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, the E340 Wired offers superior connectivity. This ensures that homeowners can rely on their security system to stay connected when it matters most. The ability to operate over both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks provides flexibility and ensures compatibility with a wide range of home networks. The result is a seamless, lag-free experience whether you’re streaming live footage or downloading recorded videos, making the E340 Wired a top choice for those who demand reliability and performance from their security system.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired


  • Comprehensive 360° coverage
  • Continuous 24/7 recording
  • Dual cameras for detailed surveillance
  • Advanced connectivity with Wi-Fi 6
  • Powerful 2,000-lumen illumination


  • Requires installation
  • Limited storage without HomeBase
  • Higher upfront cost compared to basic models
  • Requires a microSD card for local storage
  • May require frequent adjustments for optimal coverage


The eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired stands as a testament to eufy’s commitment to innovation and security. Its plethora of features, from 360° tracking and 24/7 recording to dual-camera capabilities and Wi-Fi 6 support, make it a formidable choice for those seeking to fortify their homes against threats.

Compared to related products like All-new Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen) and Google Nest Cam Outdoor or Indoor – 2nd Generation, the E340 Wired offers a unique blend of illumination and surveillance, ensuring that homeowners can rest easy knowing their property is well-protected. As technology continues to evolve, the E340 Wired sets a high bar for what’s possible in home security solutions. Investing in such a device not only enhances your home’s security but also adds value through its dual functionality as a powerful light source. For anyone looking to upgrade their home security system, the eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired is a choice worth considering.

eufy Security Floodlight Camera E340 Wired


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