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DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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DOSS SoundBox in the test: reviews, test overview and price

Portable Bluetooth speakers bring a lot of application possibilities with them. In the office you can easily listen to the radio via a music service provider, in the children’s room there are radio plays for the little ones and in the garden shed you are inspired by your favorite music while doing handicrafts. This makes the DOSS SoundBox at its particularly low price the ideal present for pretty much everyone.

The Chinese company “DOSS” was founded in 1999 and can therefore look back on 18 years of experience in the audio sector. The focus is on WiFi, Bluetooth, and smart speakers with Alexa support. We take a closer look at the portable Bluetooth box “DOSS SoundBox” and then want to decide whether it is enough for a place at the top.

DOSS SoundBox put to the test: modern design with sensitive touch sensors

The portable Bluetooth speaker DOSS SoundBox is a real eye-catcher. The sensitive touch control panel, which lights up in different colors, creates a modern, futuristic-looking impression. The fact that this lighting always remains on in operating mode and cannot be deactivated is somewhat irritating. This is more than annoying, especially when used in the evening or at night.

Doss Soundbox reviewed

The touch field is located on the top of the DOSS SoundBox and is a special feature compared to most other Bluetooth speakers. Where the buttons are usually located, a touch-sensitive circle for volume control forms the center of the control surface, next to which there are four other touch fields for operation. The connections for micro-USB, AUX, microSD card, and the power button can be found on the back of the device. The portable DOSS SoundBox does not have its radio function, although you can of course listen to radio stations via Bluetooth-connected devices.

The scope of delivery of the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker includes AUX cables, micro-USB cables, a multilingual operating manual, and a waterproof transport bag. Although the DOSS SoundBox itself is not waterproof, a downpour at the garden party is not a problem thanks to the bag. Furthermore, the bag is incredibly valuable, as it also protects the Bluetooth box from dust and scratches. If you always have your portable speaker with you, you should be very happy about this little extra.

Operating the Bluetooth speaker

The operation of the Bluetooth speaker is very easy, despite the initially unfamiliar touch fields. To increase the volume, simply move your finger clockwise on the circle. The opposite movement reduces the volume accordingly. A free firmware update from the manufacturer makes it possible to save and resume the last set volume even after switching off the box. The reaction to the touch is very direct and without failure. The other four buttons are responsible for play/pause/hands-free calling, mode change, last song, and next song. There is no app for operating the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker.

You can even play music from a microSD card

To play from the SD card of the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth loudspeaker, press the mode button on the surface of the box until the buttons light up green. When using a microSD card, however, you should bear in mind that in TF mode (microSD) the music can only be played from the card in the order in which the DOSS SoundBox is located. A direct track selection is not possible here, unlike with Bluetooth control via the smartphone. However, a free firmware update from the manufacturer makes it possible to play the songs from the MicroSD card in shuffle mode. This and three other firmware updates can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

The battery performance

The battery life of the DOSS SoundBox is 12 hours. This is a common value for a portable Bluetooth speaker. If you always have a power bank with you in an emergency, you should never have problems with the runtime. The DOSS SoundBox signals a low battery level with a warning tone that is emitted at a certain interval and with a small, red light that is located on the back of the device on the micro USB port. This beep, which is relatively loud and is also emitted while listening to music, can become relatively annoying in the long run.

The manufacturer has also created a remedy at this point with a free firmware update, which, however, deactivates all-acoustic signal tones and the automatic shutdown of the Bluetooth speaker. It would have been nice here if the low battery level is simply indicated by a flashing LED on the top of the box and the device would dispense with the beeping, such as e.g. Anker Soundcore 2.

Doss Soundbox reviewed

If the battery of the DOSS SoundBox is fully charged after 2 to 3 hours, the LED on the micro-USB port lights up green. By the way, listening to music is possible without any problems while charging. Ideally, you need a power adapter for this, which unfortunately was not included in the scope of delivery. Charging is also possible by connecting to a laptop or PC, but this process can take longer. The built-in energy-saving function automatically switches off the DOSS SoundBox after 15 minutes of inactivity. This function can be deactivated with a firmware update.

Set up the DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker and connect it to Alexa

Installation of the loudspeaker via Bluetooth is the same as with other devices. An app is not required. After switching on the speaker with the button on the back, it is in Bluetooth pairing mode by default. You can recognize this by the fact that the buttons flash blue. To change the mode, simply press the mode button on the touch surface. Bluetooth mode is indicated by blue light, SD mode by green, and AUX mode by red flashing. If you switch through until the buttons flash blue again, the Bluetooth speaker is ready for pairing.

Playing music from a microSD card

Music can not only be played via Bluetooth, but also from a microSD card that can be plugged into the back of the DOSS SoundBox. This option is a rarity in the field of mobile Bluetooth speakers. Even if the cell phone battery has given up the ghost, you don’t have to do without music on the go. Due to the high storage capacity of a memory card, hours of music fun can be provided. The prerequisite is that you charge the battery regularly. However, the DOSS SoundBox can continue to play music while the battery is charging.

Connection to the Amazon Echo and Alexa

An Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa voice control can also be connected to the speaker box via Bluetooth. This requires the Alexa app, which was also used to set up the Echo Dot. To keep the mobile DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth speaker permanently in pairing mode, press the play button for 5 seconds. Then select the Bluetooth settings in the Alexa app and then the DOSS SoundBox in the device list there to complete the pairing. From now on, an “Alexa, connect speakers!” Or – if you have several Bluetooth-enabled speakers – also an “Alexa, connect to SoundBox speakers” is sufficient.

The sound quality in the test

The manufacturer DOSS advertises excellent sound quality with improved bass. The user reports on Amazon are, as is often the case, very different. But that’s not difficult to explain, as the sound of a portable Bluetooth box varies greatly depending on the location. In summary, it can be said that the sound of the DOSS SoundBox is very convincing compared to other portable Bluetooth boxes.

Doss Soundbox reviewed

The bass is perceived as weak, which is why the DOSS SoundBox is not recommended for music genres such as jazz, classical, or metal. On the other hand, songs that require clean mids, such as pop or rock music, sound very good. It is also positive that the quality of the speaker remains constant at high volume.

It’s that easy to improve sound with the right location

When it comes to sound, the subsurface, the distance to the wall, the size of the room, and the height of the mounting are decisive. So that the vibrations are not transferred to the floor when playing music, which in the worst-case scenario would distort the sound, it is a good idea to place the loudspeaker on a dampening surface. Since the portable DOSS SoundBox Bluetooth loudspeaker has no rubber feet, you could use a microfiber cloth or something similar, which you could always stow in the transport bag.

Furthermore, the loudspeaker should not be too close to the wall and should be set up so that the sound is emitted directly into the listening area. Since a portable Bluetooth speaker is usually not mounted on the wall but rather placed on a chest of drawers, it can help improve the sound.


What is particularly impressive about the DOSS SoundBox is the modern design, the low price, and the ability to play music from an SD card. The annoying warning tone when the battery is low can be deactivated with a firmware update. Nevertheless, a visual display of the charge level would have been nice. The portable Bluetooth speaker has a hands-free function, but it is kept very minimalist. The sound of the speaker is particularly convincing in the mids and highs, so it is ideal for people who want to use their Bluetooth box for rock & pop or radio plays in bed. The portable Bluetooth speaker from DOSS is convincing in its price-performance ratio and is a clear purchase recommendation.

Doss Soundbox reviewed
DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
What is particularly impressive about the DOSS SoundBox is the modern design, the low price and the ability to play music from an SD card.
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Charge via microUSB
Play from microSD card
Easy handling
Not waterproof
No stereo pairing
No radio function
Battery life


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